Planning a Bali Wedding with Tash Thompson from Oscar and Ivy Bridal

Planning a Bali Wedding with Tash Thompson from Oscar and Ivy Bridal

We recently sat down with someone that is no stranger to weddings and talked about those pre-wedding jitters (if any) and what it’s like to plan a Bali Wedding. Natasha Thompson, (Tash to her friends) is a wedding celebrant and now recently a wedding dress designer and part owner in Oscar and Ivy Bridal, a brand new bridal company that recently launched in Byron Bay.

5 weeks out from her wedding day when we sat down with her (now two days out) she was nothing but excited for her big day! (How are you feeling now Tash? We hope the excitement is at an all time high now you’ve reached your epic wedding venue, Komune Resort!) We sat down with Tash and asked her all of those questions you’re all currently thinking whilst planning your Bali Weddings. Read on to get an inside look at the final weeks of planning and how she got there. We’ll follow up with Tash after the wedding to see how it all went for her and her soon to be husband Vitori.


So Tash, tell us a little about you and your partner and how you discovered your Dream Wedding Venue Komune Resort
Vitori and I always wanted a destination wedding, as we love to travel! But we also wanted to make sure it was not too far for our guest to travel to and also be affordable, so Bali was the perfect place.  We looked at several venues online, and the help of the Bali Brides Instagram 🙂 we came across Komune Resort after a friends sister was married their last year, she said it was fantastic, after speaking with several people, they could only say great things about Komune Resort in Bali.  So we decided to lock in the date, and the process has been great.

How long until your wedding day? How are you feeling?
21/6/19 – 5 weeks until the big day, very excited to marry my handsome fiancé! It has been a really smooth run so far!

Have you had any difficulties planning your Bali Wedding?
Not at all Brett and the team at Komune Resort have been extremely helpful, from the smallest little questions to organising the band and DJ/ other great suppliers. They have been a huge help.

What has been the best part about your experience so far?
Designing my own wedding dress from Oscar & Ivy Bridal!  I originally had one that took 11 months to designs with my business partner Yas, but 3 months ago I decided to make a new one! So I am extremely excited for it to arrive next week. eeekk.

What are you looking forward to the most?
Finally getting married to Vitori, and having our beautiful son standing up there with us, and having the best party with all our closest family and friends!

Do you have any advice for Brides now being so close to your wedding day?
Yes, don’t stress as much and it’s hard to say that, us brides put so much pressure on our selves for the big day to make sure it goes as perfect as we planned.  Delegate, to your family and friends so you have fewer jobs to do on the day! And if you have a few hiccups along the way, just brush it off and dance the night away!

How did you find your inspiration for your wedding?
Being in the wedding industry I had followed The Bali Bride long before we became engaged and the plan was always Bali. We used to look at the posts of the weddings and save anything we really liked the look of. And The Bali Bride blog too. It’s so awesome to see how previous Bali Brides pulled off their wedding day. We took bits and pieces from everywhere.

Did you use Pinterest? Or another app to keep everything together?
Yes, I pulled it all together for our wedding planner on Pinterest. I could easily pin the photos from The Bali Bride website straight across to my profile. That function of yours is awesome. (Thanks!) And I also kept a lot of saved folders on my Instagram too.

Could you share any tips in choosing your vendors for your day? When did you know they felt right?
Go with your gut and The Bali Bride vendors that make you feel at home. It can be an overwhelming experience, all the planning and you want to make it as enjoyable as you can. We were lucky when we found Brett at Komune Resort, we instantly connected with him and had trust in him producing the best day for us.


All the best to Tash and Vitori for their Bali Wedding at Komune Resort. We hope you feel as loved as you truly are in your wedding bubble on your big day. Thank you for sharing with us.

Below are some photo’s when Vitori, Tash and Oscar had some family photos and Vitori popped the question! Aren’t they are gorgeous family! xx

IMG 5040
KNP 4779 IMG 3698 IMG 3640 KNP 4665 IMG 3638

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