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We recently caught up with one of Bali’s favourite wedding planners Tash, from Plan A to ask her what questions continue to pop up when dealing with new couples. Nothing was off the table.

We talked about if you should have your long lost cousin DJ or be your photographer at your Bali wedding, whether it’s a good idea to even have a planner or how to tell if the vendors you’re speaking with can legally work in Bali.

Strap yourselves in for some inside knowledge on Bali Wedding Planner questions and what to ask next!

Top 5 Bali Wedding Planner Questions asked

How much is a Bali wedding?

This is a hard one. It’s kind of like asking how long is a piece of string?
Weddings will vary in cost due to so many factors. The cost of the venue, which vendors you
decide to go with, what alcohol and food packages you choose, how many guests you invite
and so on.

Something like pampas grass which needs to be imported is going to cost you a hell of a lot
more than local green foliage, a stand up cocktail menu will be much more affordable than a
three course sit down menu due to less man power and equipment needed, and providing
drinks for 40 people will be a lot cheaper than providing for 80!

The first thing you’ll need to work out is the budget you’re prepared to spend. From there
look at the venues you love the most. Once the venue is accounted for, how much does that
leave you with? What can you go without and what is a non-negotiable?

Speak to your wedding planner about your remaining budget, and give them a detailed idea
of the look and feel you want for your wedding. Your planner will then be able to tell you
whether your budget is realistic or not, and if it’s not, they’ll suggest some ways to cut out
what you don’t need.

Alternatively, they’ll put everything you want on an invoice, and by seeing how much you’re
over (if you’re over) you’ll be able to take away what isn’t crucial until you’re happy.
So how much is a Bali wedding? It all depends on what you want and how many you’re
catering for.


plan a

Planning – Plan A
Florals – Bali Tropical Florist
Venue – Samadhana
Photography – Terralogical

Can our friend/family member be the photographer/celebrant/DJ/makeup artist?

Unless they are a registered business or have the correct paperwork and valid working visa,
the answer is no.

Indonesia has super strict laws and regulations, and have zero tolerance for those who work
or provide services without the right registrations. It’s a long and expensive process to set
up a company in Indonesia, where the owner(s) need to comply with certain laws and pay
their taxes. Those working without the correct authorization are seen as evading the law,
and taking jobs away from those who have taken the time (and finances) to do it properly.

Even if your friend or family member are doing it for free or as a gift, they still see it as
taking the place of someone who could potentially be earning an income, and going ahead
with such plans could result in deportation, hefty fines, and loss of license to your planner
for allowing it in the first place.


plan a
Planning – Plan A
Florals & Lighting – Bali Event Styling
Venue – Luna2 (now Noku Beach House)
Photography – Eyecon

What if we need to cancel, can we get our deposit back?

This will totally depend on the individual planner and vendors you engage, although I’d say
for the majority, it would be a straight up no.

Whether it’s a personal reason you are cancelling, or its due to a Force Majeure, deposits
are required to secure your date with your chosen suppliers. Once they lock in your date,
they often have to say no to all other enquiries for the same date. So, one reason it’s
nonrefundable is the fact that they have saved your date, and missed out on other clients
who may have wanted the same date, and not cancelled. By you cancelling they’re then
missing out on the balance of their payment.

Further to this, deposits are necessary for the general running of a company. The deposit
isn’t JUST for your item. A deposit covers overheads such as storage facilities, transport, salaries, office rent,
and so on. Asking for a deposit back when it’s already been put towards the general running and upkeep of a
business is an impossibility.

Lastly, and this is specifically in reference to vendors who you have been in constant contact
with such as your planner, or in some cases your florist, they have actively worked for you
right up until the point of your cancellation, so asking for a deposit back on work completed
isn’t generally a done thing, in any business in any country.

What I can recommend is getting wedding insurance in the case of a cancellation. Most
vendors are also happy to give you a credit for the services or products should you want to
sell them on to someone else or use them at a later date.


plan a
Planning – Plan A
Lighting – Bali Tropical Florist
Furniture – Bali Event Hire + Bali Decor Rental
Catering + Bar – Lumbung Catering
Venue – Semarapura
Photography – Terralogical

Do we even need a planner?

I wouldn’t say NEED no, but I’d definitely strongly advise you to get one.

A planner is great for so many reasons.

They are your eyes and ears on the ground, they represent you, and are there when you
cannot be. They’ll be there to negotiate with your vendors, do your site inspections, and
give you seasoned, unbiased advice and opinions on what you should be doing for your big

They’ll keep you up to date with what payments need to be made, what you should be
doing at any given time in the lead up to the big day, and are there as your sounding board
if you have any doubts or concerns.

Once the big day comes along, you literally need to do nothing except enjoy your big day!

They’ll be there from morning ensuring the layout is as you want, all the vendors are there
on time and the services or products you’ve ordered are exactly as you envisioned.

Most villas now will require you to hire a planner in order to have a wedding there, and with
all the quotes and invoices you’ll be getting when deciding on vendors, it’ll be much easier
getting it from one source than twenty!


plan a


Planning – Plan A
Florals + Lighting – Bali Tropical Florist
Venue – Taman Ahimsa
Band – Lydia Rose
Photography – Diktat Photography


How do we know that you and/or the vendors are legit?

Your planner and vendors should be able to provide you with all the legitimate
documentation and proof of their valid working visas if you ask.

It’s a long and arduous task to get your business registered in Indonesia so your vendors
would only be too happy to show you that they are the real deal.

Be dubious of anyone who avoids showing you or keeps delaying it. Don’t be afraid to ask,
and if they say “its coming” or “I can’t seem to find it right now”, keep the peace but move on you don’t want
legal dramas down the road.


plan a


Planning – Plan A
Florals + lighting – Bali Tropical Florist
Catering + Bar – Lumbung
Photography – Outdoor Escape
Venue – Semarapura

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So you want to look your best on your Bali Wedding day? Of course you do! And we’ve got all of the insider tips to get you there….

We recently caught up with the Bali hair and makeup queen, Lexie, the talented woman behind Trove Artistry in Bali to talk all about her top hair and makeup tips for your Bali wedding day. We’re talking about skin routines, what colour you should wear to your trial and when you should colour your hair for your big day.

She may have just opened the newest salon/day spa in Bali but she is no stranger to the beauty scene starting her career on the Gold Coast, Australia as a freelance artist many years ago and also working in Bali at another well known Spa prior to this. Knowing her beautiful n stunning work we were excited to reach out to Lexie and hear her hair and makeup tips.

When we asked Lexie why she loved to focus her business on brides she happily shared the following, “There’s something special about making someone feel beautiful, but there’s nothing more special than making someone feel beautiful on one of the most important days in their life. Getting to experience the excitement with every bride is the reason I love it.” See Lexie’s top tips below.

Makeup tips

1. Flawless Skin = flawless makeup

Skin is the most important base for any makeup. If you are having problems with
your skin it’s important you start any new skincare routine or skin treatments at
least 3 months before the big day to ensure no last minute reactions or issues occur.
A personal favourite recommendation of mine is skin needling (micro needling). This
helps with overall skin texture including acne scars & pore size, fine lines, and

2. Choose your lipstick colour prior to your big day

It is important to know what lipstick you will be wearing on the day. Are you
someone who loves their lipstick and is happy to touch up during the day? Are you
opting for something a little more natural that will evenly fade throughout the
night? I recommend getting your own lipstick colour that you love and bringing it
with you on the day. This will mean you will have the colour all night and be able to
reapply and be ready for every photo op! Pro tip: Pick a satin finish lipstick. It will
give enough shine in photos but last longer than a gloss!

3. Trial/ Wear white

Many brides ask is a trial important? My answer is 100%, yes! A trial is the perfect
time to make any decisions so the big day runs smoothly. It is the perfect time to
talk to your artist and make sure you’re on the same page with the look you’re
wanting. The meaning of a smokey eye to one person can be completely different to
another. It’s also the time to trial lashes and ensures you’re comfortable with wearing
them for a prolonged period of time and discuss your bridesmaid’s makeup colour
palette. Its also always a great idea to wear white to your trial!

Hair tips

4. Colour your hair 2 weeks before your wedding day
To avoid any hair colouring mishaps book your colour in for two weeks prior. This is
enough time to ensure the colour is still looking nice and fresh but also enough time
if anything were to go wrong to change it! Pro tip: Book in an extra hair treatment or mask a
week before to ensure your hair is beautiful and glossy for the day!

5. Trial: Bring your veil, hair accessories, extensions and padding
Brides will often come to their trials and explain the veil or hair accessories for the
day. If you can – bring it! Anything you intend to use on the day including veils, hair
accessories, extensions, hair padding etc. Even if you are unsure we can play around
and work out what works best. It will make sure we are able to best create your one
of a kind wedding day look!

Amazing tips Lexie thank you! To get in touch with Queen Lexie and her team contact Trove Artistry!

See their amazing work below!

Hair & Makeup – Trove Artistry
Dress Designer – Hera Couture
Jewellery – Esme Louise
Florals – Sandat Floral
Photographer – Haute Weddings

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(Sing it!) CEL-E-BRATE good times come on!

Our founders are celebrating their 5 year Bali Wedding Anniversary this week (Holy Moly) so to celebrate our Social Media Manager (& general, all round epic girl) Courtney sat down with The Bali Bride Leisa herself to ask her all of the (tough wedding) questions you’ve always wanted to ask. With a few from our loyal Instagram followers too.


So Leisa…

After the excitement of getting engaged what was the first thing you did to begin the wedding planning process?
We asked our whole family if they would travel to Bali for a wedding, our wedding! And when the answer was yes from every-single-person we asked? It was decided. What’s a wedding without your favourites yeah? And it was followed closely by venue spotting. Beau had picked out a venue already… more on that later.

What was the best piece of advice you were given while you were planning your wedding?
Don’t sweat the small stuff! The most important thing is each other during the planning process and on the big day and it becomes all about how you’ll react to things that might not necessarily go to plan. When you look back, they don’t matter. So learn to control your reactions, it will save your day. There are ALWAYS things that don’t go to plan.

Sometimes the excitement of planning a wedding can take over, was there anything you went over budget on and what was it? Definitely the villa. We had no idea the cost of venues when planning a destination wedding, it adds up. But when we saw it, we had to have it. We walked through 12 villas on our villa tour day with Anapuri being the first on we saw and we went back to it after number 12 and for us, it was perfect. We could instantly see where everything was going to be set up (both being event managers) and where our guests would be enjoying, hanging out and partying.

Was there anything that you really wanted but couldn’t have (flowers, furniture, etc)? Yes, we weren’t allowed a sparkler sendoff for safety (fire) reasons so make sure you check with your individual venues if there is something you have your heart set on. We also requested balloons but they were eliminated unless they were tied down due to environmental reasons.

Is there a special moment that stood out to you on the big day? Two actually, the moment before my Dad walked me down the aisle. I was about to turn into a big ball of nerves but he just grabbed me and said, “Let’s do this! Enjoy sweetheart!” and it was everything I needed to hear. He actually talked me the whole way down the aisle. It was like nobody else was there. We laughed and giggled together until he handed me to my future husband.

the bali bride wedding
No. 2. Someone told Beau and I to take a moment right before the reception and share the day with each other. Beau whisked me away just as the sun was setting and our fairy lights came on in the reception area. We watched it all come alive, it was magic as we looked back to our guests having the best time at the pool bar, singing at the top of their lungs and the night hadn’t even started. Make sure you do it too! You don’t get many moments alone together on your big day (it sounds strange) but it just doesn’t happen so it was nice to share it.

How many trips to Bali did you take to plan your wedding?
Only one. We travelled there every year for a holiday together so the next holiday booked was our planning trip. We looked at 12 villas, did food tastings, cake tastings, explored furniture, flowers, you name it we did it and Beau was with me every step of the way. Planning our wedding was so fun!

Was the planning a joint effort for you and Beau? How much responsibility did you give him? 
Absolutely! Anyone that knows us knows Beau has the style in our relationship, it comes from his mother (who was a wedding stylist for years). So you can imagine the conversations around the styling between us. Nothing a bottle of wine didn’t fix, ha ha! We took it in turns and if there was something he really wanted he got it and vice-versa. You’ve got to give and take as it is two personalities coming together as one for the big day. Just because they’re male doesn’t mean they won’t have epic wedding ideas.

What was your biggest source of inspiration for planning your wedding?
Instagram! I can remember searching every day on the hashtags #baliwedding & #balibride and thinking how amazing the stylists were in Bali. Which then led me to start an Instagram page (well you all know that story!) and I posted all of the photos I really liked and wanted to show our planner on that page. Little did I know it would still be going 6 years later. That’s a lot of hashtags!

Your bridesmaids all wore different dresses, how was that to coordinate?
My girls were amazing! I had four bridesmaids in 3 different countries who had four totally different body shapes. I had the colour ivory in mind and from there all I wanted was for them to feel comfortable and beautiful on our day. We aimed for a little longer than a party dress but shorter than the knee and they all sent me photos from their changerooms whenever they found something. They purchased their own dresses so the budgets were also up to them. They nailed it, they looked absolutely beautiful.

bali bridesmaids

Did you feel overwhelmed by your guests at any point at your destination wedding? Not at all. We planned some key events for guests to enjoy so they got plenty of us time and then everyone also hung out in groups during the day and the other nights. It’s important to remember that although everyone has travelled to Bali for your wedding, they are also there for their own holiday too so don’t lock them into an event every day. They will want to relax and enjoy the experience on their own too.

Were there any last minute changes you had to deal with?
We had 7 guests, 3 different sets of people who had to pull out within 3 days of the wedding. We were of course disappointed that some of our friends couldn’t make it due to last minute changes but no more disappointed than them. 

What was your budget and how much did your wedding cost?
It was important to Beau and I that we didn’t use credit to pay for our day as we didn’t want an outstanding payment after the day was all over so we were limited to what we could spend. We budgeted for 30K and I think we came in between 27K-30K. We ended up spending the lot in the end as things just popped up.

Any regrets?
No regrets. Just so grateful to have the time with most of our family and friends in the one place at the one time. We still talk about it so much!

If you could change one thing about the day what would it be?
I would have started getting ready earlier. I underestimated how long it takes to have your hair and makeup done. So I took my time in the shower and didn’t realise we were behind schedule when we started. It meant that I rushed putting on my dress and hanging out with my bridesmaids before heading down the aisle 20 mins late. It didn’t affect our day but if I had it over again I would have started an hour earlier. (When I was supposed to)

bali hair and makeup


Any tips for future Bali Brides?
*Start early on your wedding day
*Write your speech before you get to Bali, you can always change it whilst there but you won’t stress over it not being done.
*Write your thank you cards before your trip, I wrote them for my bridesmaids the morning of the wedding day and the emotions were running high! Meanwhile, it was lucky I did. My bridesmaids were busy choreographing an act for speeches.
*Choose a wedding planner that FEELS right, not only for the work you’ve seen them do.
*Create a photography shot list so you don’t miss anyone out.


Questions from ‘The Bali Bride’ community

What’s something you stressed over when planning but didn’t notice on the day?

Having all eyes on us for the ceremony. But it went away. You are so wrapped up in the day and emotions and everything else, you kind of forget to be nervous. The nerves are there but they are so real, it just doesn’t matter.

What was your favourite thing about the day, pick one only?

The speeches! So much time and energy had gone into what people said and they were so beautiful, funny and thoughtful. The highlight? Our maid of honour got up and rapped to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ with our bridesmaids as her backup singers and dancers. It was hilarious!

What made you choose a villa over a resort?

Definitely the privacy of a villa. Knowing that only our guests were on the property made everyone get to know each other so much! Also, the freedom to do what we wanted to do.

What was the highlight of the planning process?

Coming in under budget! Or just discovering we could afford everything we wanted to have. (Don’t get me wrong, we had to go without a few things for this to happen!) AND! Pulling off the monumental task of a destination wedding in another country.

Why did you choose Bali?

We always wanted a 3 day event that came with having a destination wedding. I have lived in Whistler, Canada & London, England and we’d both travelled the European Summer so we have lots of different groups of friends. We liked the idea of our friends all finally meeting each other and getting to know one another at the welcome party, spending the wedding day together and then partying at the recovery together. We loved when people shared with us who they loved meeting at our wedding and all of the Facebook friend requests that happened post wedding too. Plus the price of a Bali wedding helped too.

And then who could forget the Balinese people, the sunsets, the day spa’s, the beach club’s, THE FOOD! and the overall vibe we wanted to share with our guests. There is no place like it!

Did the Bali Wedding process feel easy or was it complex?

I wouldn’t say it was easy or complex. It required a lot of research and organisation but both Beau and I come from an events background so we could easily feel our way through what needed to be done and what needed to be done. We chose to plan a lot of it ourselves and our wedding planner brought it all together for us with a month to go and ran the day. We used a lot of spreadsheets and saved a lot of photos to show people we were working with so we were really clear on what we were after. 5 years ago we didn’t have the options there are today and they also didn’t all have Instagram pages so you only found them through planners. If I had to describe it I would say it was constant, creative and fun! The only hard part was waiting for replies from vendors, some of them are on Bali time. (Slow!)

Order of ceremony to make it fun? Worried about guests being bored.

As soon as everyone was seated at the reception our MC welcomed everyone and the first speech. (Grooms Parents) This followed nicely into my parents. (Brides Parents) We did this strategically so that two lots of speeches were finished before dinner. We then had dinner which were food stations and when the last person had sat down with their plate we started the next two speeches (Maid of Honour & Best Man) Some people were still finishing their plates but it meant the night flowed and there was no downtime. The MC invited everyone to grab a drink and then bought everyone back to their tables for us. (Bride & Groom) Some of our speeches were longer than usual but it didn’t feel that way starting them before dinner. It was a game-changer!

Don’t worry about your guests being bored, they have jumped on a plane to help you celebrate, they love you and will want to hear the speeches.

The Bali Bride Wedding

Beau and Leisa first crossed paths in their hometown on the east coast of Australia, but it wasn’t until many years later that their romance blossomed upon crossing paths in a bar in London. Continuing to meet up all over Europe that Summer kept the romance alive. Fast Forward 5 years and they were planning their dream wedding in Bali after travelling there every year for their holidays since moving home. They couldn’t wait to introduce their family and friends to the Bali way.

Drawing inspiration from the surroundings of Bali itself these two created a destination wedding to remember at the luxury Anapuri Villas. Located on the East Coast of Bali where Beau had previously seen Kelly Slater surfing an epic right-hander out the front. (Priorities! And yes the wave was firing on their wedding day!) Working closely with the talented wedding planner Lynley from Lynley Bali Events, (who also became their caterer) their day was a heartfelt celebration filled with beautiful rustic styling, white and green blooms and thoughtful, personalised details.

One of our favourite elements from this loving celebration would have to be Beau and Leisa’s pool covered platform for their ceremony surrounded by friends and family overlooking the ocean. Not only was their ceremony decked out with incredible decor from our friends at Bali Event Hire (including some statement peacock chairs!), but the music that had been so strategically planned out per hour that had the guests saying, “cheers!” when enjoying sunset drinks or the feet tapping amongst the swing dinner music.

Following their sun-setting ceremony, beachfront bridal portraits and video were captured by superstar teams Terralogical and Bali Metro underneath a stunning afternoon light, all while guests enjoyed the cocktail hour at the pool bar. An alfresco reception was brought to life underneath a canopy of rattan lampshades, with some of our favourite furniture pieces from the Bali Event Hire range. Wooden dining tables and natural teak cross-back chairs created a warm and intimate vibe, with lush tablescapes adorned with white flowers, greenery and luxe gold lanterns.

We love that Beau and Leisa weren’t afraid to go all out just to show their guests how much they really meant to them and they created a day with lots of bells and whistles. A welcome sandwich and cocktail, mini desserts were delivered on the dancefloor, a late night gelato cart and a secret surprise after party in the underground media room of the villa were some of our favourites. (And yes, they danced till sunrise!)

As the sun set over the villa, guests enjoyed a night of delicious food, dancing under the stars of a tent canopy of fairy lights, with every guest on the dancefloor enjoying the 8 piece band only to break for a piece of the divine cake supplied by Ixora Cakes Bali! So much fun!

Check out all of the gorgeous details from this loving Ketewel wedding below, along with the incredible team of Bali vendors involved. Plus, Leisa shares her advice on how to plan the perfect Bali wedding.

On the Day Planner & Catering: Lynley Bali Events
Furniture: Bali Event Hire
Makeup & Hair: Yeanne Makeup Art
Photography: Terralogical
Video: Bali Metro
Cake: Ixora Cakes Bali
Lanterns: The Wedding Shop Bali
Dress: Anna Campbell via The Babushka Ballerina
Wedding Venue: Anapuri Villas

Click to view The Bali Bride Wedding photos

Real Bali Wedding: Richard + Julie's Classy Boho Wedding at Villa Samarapura, Canggu

If you’re looking for some bohemian styling inspiration, Richard and Julie’s dreamy Bali wedding should be right up your alley! These two wanted to create an “elegant but chilled” vibe with a focus on good food and spending quality time with their closest friends and family.

Taking place amongst the peaceful surrounds of Villa Semarapura in Canggu, this intimate Bali wedding began with a modern boho ceremony in the villa garden, with Julie rocking the most incredible Rue De Seine gown and an uber-glam bridal look thanks to our friends at Glo Day Spa. Joined by 80 of their loved ones, these guys tied the knot against an earthy timber backdrop adorned with wild foliage, fluffy pampas grass and berry-toned blooms.

While the newlyweds headed off for an epic portrait session with Venema Pictures (complete with colourful smoke bombs and a golden Bali sunset), guests enjoyed cocktail hour by the pool before making their way to the lawn for a dreamy outdoor reception under the stars. The Bali Event Hire team were there to provide the furniture goods, including rustic timber tables, oak cross back chairs and a statement wire backdrop. Tables were styled with tall, unstructured floral centrepieces, bold pops of colour and plenty of scattered candles to create a warm, intimate vibe, as guests enjoyed a night of dinner and dancing amongst the palm trees. Magic!

Boho brides, there is so much inspiration to be found from this dreamy Bali wedding, so keep scrolling to see all of the details captured so beautifully by Venema Pictures. Plus, the newlyweds share their top tips on planning a stress-free destination wedding, along with taking us back to the unforgettable proposal story where it all began.

How we met: 

We met via Julie’s work, Kanga Coachlines, where Richard hires his vehicles for his tour business. 

The proposal: 

I took Julie on a romantic date to Windy Point. Overlooking the city we had dinner and after dinner we started to drive home. I told her I had a few more surprises to come. So when we got to the bottom of the freeway I went up it instead of going towards home. Julie started questioning as she didn’t know what was going on. 

We arrived at Glen Osmond look out and gave Julie sneakers and a jacket and hiked up to a breathtaking view of the city lights. As we approached the top of the hill Julie could see some people at the top. This was my brother and best mate Steve. They had photo gear and we played it as my brother wanted to take some photos. I then poured my heart out and asked Jules to be my wife. Dave captured the perfect moment.

We then proceeded home and we were both on a high. As we arrived home I opened our roller door. Smoke poured out of our garage and we couldn’t see anything. I screamed out “she said YES” and 60 of our closest family and friends that were at our ‘surprise engagement’ roared. (Yes, I was confident she’d say yes!) Nailed it! 

Wedding date: 30/09/2019

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue: Villa Semarapura, Bali

Total Guests: 80

Our style/Inspiration: Classy Boho

Who we couldn’t have done it without: Mango Events

Advice for future Bali Brides: As hard as it is to put your plans in someone else’s hands, rest assured your planner has figured out and captured all you’ve wished for!

Our Wedding Day… 

Julie had done so much research online flooding me with so many options so we nutted them out till we were left with 2. We went over to Bali in December 2018 to meet with each planner, search for venues and Becky was just so relatable, she couldn’t help enough and was bursting with ideas – right away we knew she was our girl!

She offered multiple options for each supplier, which was also good.

We got to go to a tasting with Dijon and straight away we knew we wanted them – Julie being Italian, this event was going to be based around the food and it was a huge hit!

Our photographers and videographers were chosen from many nights of watching strangers weddings on YouTube (mopping up tears with tissues) and coming across ones they had done – they just stood out as they’re a little left field, not your usual ‘romantic, soppy type’ clips. It was literally like you were watching a movie and just wanted to see more!

My dad is a Pastor so we couldn’t think of anyone better than him to marry us – it was so special and it made it so much more personal

Wedding Planner/Stylist: Mango Events – Becky

Décor/Furniture: Bali Event Hire

Flowers/Florist: Mango Events

Hair & Make-up: Glo Day Spa

Photography + Videography: Venema Pictures

Favours: Brass pineapple dessert spoons and forks

Celebrant: George Laslett (Grooms dad)

Catering: Dijon

Cake/Dessert: Mango Events

Stationery/Invitations: Zazzle

Entertainment: Lucky Aces

Wedding Songs: 

Aisle song: ‘Halo’ cover by Jasmine Thompson

First dance: Taylor Swift – Lover

The Bridal Party Details…

Bride’s Dress: Rue De Siene – Adara Gown

Bride’s Shoes: Nina Armando – Silver satin stiletto with bow across the top of toes – entire shoe covered in rhinestones 

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Politix Suit

Flowergirls/Page Boys: Niece Evie + Nephew Joey

The rings: Designer on Etsy/Zamels

Honeymoon Details: Continued on with friends in Bali for another 2 weeks moving from Canggu to Uluwatu and finishing up in Sanur

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding?

Julie had a lot of ideas… A LOT but to narrow things down and make it all flow she decided on ‘Classy Boho’ – elegant but chilled.

What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding?

Not being able to physically ‘see’ what we were getting!

Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination?

We love Bali! Julie has a huge family and we both have a lot of friends. We’re not ones to be centre of attention so didn’t want the big hoohar here in Adelaide – we went from potentially 200 people to 80 of our nearest and dearest ☺

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding?

Budgeting!! We wanted to pay every cent without ‘credit’ or worry after our big day so we made sure everything was accounted for and covered

Budget: (Approximate) $30,000

Actual Cost: $35,000

A huge congrats to Richard and Julie on their Villa Semarapura Bali wedding! See more images from this modern bohemian day below.


 Leyla and Abylay's Intimate Elopement at Tibumana Waterfall, Bali

We love seeing couples doing things a little differently for their special day! Leyla and Abylay were one such couple, choosing to host an intimate elopement by the Tibumana Waterfall in Bangli, Bali.

Inspired by the lush scenery and exotic natural surroundings of Bali, Leyla and Abylay wanted to create a truly personal, sacred and intimate wedding for just the two of them. The Tibumana Waterfall (one of the island’s best kept secrets!) was the perfect backdrop for their day, surrounded by tranquil views, an abundance of greenery and a sense of calm and peace. 

The talented team at WedBali were on board to bring this magic elopement to life, and helped Leyla and Abyla coordinate their dream day with the highest attention to detail. From the secluded ceremony (featuring a statement round arbour adorned with fresh foliage and minimal white blooms) to Leyla’s unique wedding gown (sketched and designed by the bride!), this stunning celebration was certainly one-of-a-kind.

You can see all of the beauty from Leyla and Abylay’s intimate Bali elopement below, captured beautifully by Yanushka Photo. The newlyweds also share their inspiration for the day, their favourite moments, and their top planning tips for future couples.

How we met:

We met almost 5 years ago, in the 1st year of the University of Leyla. Abylay was an activist and he decided to take advantage of it. He organized a new rubric “Interview with freshmen”, to find the reason to write to me! Already on the 3rd September, he sent me the list of questions, learned me closer and asked questions to continue communication. And when achieved it, left rubric other students, confessing, that he began this all for me. Cute, right?

The proposal:

We do not like noisy celebrations and pretentious proposals. We both believe that this is a very personal moment, which is important to live only together, without anyone around. That is why Abylay proposed to me in Barcelona on a hill overlooking the city. That evening we were just walking, enjoying the beautiful scenery, as we accidentally wandered into a very quiet place, where there was one bench, one lamppost and not a soul around, just like in the movie “Lalaland”. On the background of the lights shimmered night Barcelona, and Abylay offered to record a funny video game in the “duel”. We are often childish, so his proposal did not embarrass me at all, but on the contrary, even amused me. The crux of the game was, who the first can with reversal shoot from imaginary pistol 😀 We turned our backs on each other and on expense 1..2..3 I turned around and Abylay was on his knee, handing me a ring. Then the world just froze, and his happily-experiencing smile is forever etched in my memory.

Wedding date: The traditional wedding in the mosque took place on July 7 in Kazakhstan 2019, and the ceremony in Bali was on August 10, 2019.

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Tibumana Waterfall

Our style/Inspiration: We love nature, everything is green, eco-friendly, gentle. We were mostly inspired by the scenery of Bali and our previous travels.

Who we couldn’t have done it without: Of course, without the planner WedBali and without the best photographer Yana and videographer Vladimir.

Advice for future Bali Brides: Do not be nervous, do not worry about all the little things, everything in any case will be at the highest level, you can trust the girls from WedBali for one hundred percent. Even if it rains on this day, it does not matter, because this is your special day and if the weather wanted so, you can only smile and enjoy this day. The way the ceremony will be held, mainly depends on the mood of the newlyweds, their aura.  And even the atmosphere in the photos and videos depends on you, because the camera cannot be fooled. And yet, forget about the heels in Bali, give preference to sneakers or sandals with flat soles, as you will have to walk on dirt and stones.

Wedding Planner/Stylist: WedBali

First, I found our photographer, Yana. We really liked her work, feed, location. I wrote to her in Instagram direct messages, and she in turn advised us about WedBali, saying that they will help to organize everything. I looked through their pictures, we clearly understood that this is what we wanted!

Flowers/Florist: WedBali

Hair & Make-up: Makeup by Valeriya

Photography: Yanushka Photo

I love Yana’s look at this life, at the photo. She knows how to put in their frames the whole story and make them alive, realistic and beautiful. We had a connection with chat in WhatsApp.

Bride’s Dress: I sewed the dress in Kazakhstan. I was inspired by the works of designer Maria Lerner and drew my model in my head. The girls from the local studio caught the idea and made it a reality, for which I am infinitely grateful to them. By the way, my dress had a removable top. At the photo shoot on the rice terraces I was in one, and at the ceremony I changed into the one with the train. Life hack for brides, it is very convenient and spectacular.

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: My husband loves the restrained minimalism in everything. So, he settled on a linen shirt, linen tapered trousers and white sneakers.  Like a man with taste and not hot.

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding?

We drew inspiration from our travels, we can not sit in one place, we always want new sensations. Wedding is the perfect occasion to discover something new and unusual. This time I wanted exotic, untouched nature. Bali is an ideal option for a wedding and honeymoon, there is extreme, and gorgeous views, and peace. Even a month on the island wasn’t enough. The ceremony we turned out not quite unambiguous, it was something from boho, something from rustic, something from the loft, we just chose everything to taste, not adhering to a single style. Thus our individuality was revealed.

What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding?

The most difficult part was finding good organizers, photographer and videographer. We spent a lot of time, looked at a lot of work, looking for the very guys whose view of the wedding would agree with ours. The result exceeded all expectations and was worth all the effort.

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding?

Organizer Alice always reminded us of everything, thought through every detail and gave us sensible life hacks. Even if I forgot something, she wrote to me and kept me informed of all events.

Our biggest congratulations to Leyla and Abylay on their Tibumana Waterfall Bali wedding! See more images from this intimate day below.

Real Bali Wedding: Stef and Malek’s Colourful Bohemian Wedding at Villa Taman Ahimsa, Bali

Stef and Malek fell in love during their first holiday to Bali together – so it was only fitting for them to return to the island to celebrate their marriage! Joined by 56 of their closest friends and family travelling from both Italy and Dubai, these two hosted their day amongst the beautiful surrounds of Villa Taman Ahimsa in Cemagi.

Planned by the talented Elvira from Hari Indah, this dreamy Bali celebration was packed with colourful florals, eclectic bohemian styling and thoughtful details that showcased Stef and Malek’s Italian and Palestinian heritage. From the music selections to the food and wine choices, each element was carefully curated to reflect the two cultures coming together.

Working with a bright and bold colour palette including fuschia, magenta, lavender, burgundy and green, Stef and Malek began their day with an intimate beachfront ceremony underneath a naked tipi. From there, guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the garden, with an eclectic mix of furniture from Bali Event Hire creating the perfect bohemian setting. 

As the sun set, dinner was served under the stars, as guests sat amongst earthy timber tables adorned with an abundance of colourful blooms, scattered candles and trailing linens. To complete the look, a canopy of fairy lights and floral chandeliers were strung from above, creating the most beautiful warm glow – magic!

Keep scrolling to see more from this dreamy Bali wedding (captured by Axioo) as Stef and Malek share their top tips on hosting a destination wedding, staying organised, and the benefits of working with a wedding planner.

How we met: 

I met Malek during a night out with my girlfriends shortly after I moved to Dubai. He was out with his cousins who were visiting him from abroad. We glanced at each other from across the room and within the next two minutes Malek approached me and introduced himself. We ended up talking for two hours and with a dinner date for the week after 🙂

The proposal: 

Malek’s proposal was very sweet and totally unexpected. It was just a very normal weekend and we decided to stay in, order a pizza (my favorite food is a good Italian) and watch a movie, to be precise the Disney movie “Aladdin” … we both love Disney movies and once in a while we watch our favorites. 

I noticed that Malek had quite a weird behavior that night because he kept smiling, taking videos of me just watching the movie, singing every single song of the movie… but I just thought he was in a happy mood. Once the movie finished, he told me to wait because he had to grab something from his car. And then it started… He kept going back and forth from the car gifting me one rose at the time, making jokes and saying very sweet things every time. He kept doing this 51 times till the last rose and finally he came in with a huge 2 meters tall teddy bear. I was so happy about the teddy bear that I didn’t even think about a possible ring at that moment! After a while, however, I asked laughing, “where is my ring?”, still not sure if this was a proposal or simply a very sweet gesture from him. He laughed as well and told me that if I really was sure about wanting to marry him and I wanted this from the deep of my heart, I should check in the teddy bear’s heart and look for it. And there it was. I opened the back zipper of the bear and I found the ring. I turned and Malek was on his knee… you know the answer!

Wedding date: 15 August 2017

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Villa Taman Ahimsa, Cemagi Bali 

Wedding Reception Venue: Villa Taman Ahimsa, Cemagi Bali 

Total Guests: 56

Our style/Inspiration: The style of the wedding was colorful bohemian with ethnic and vintage accents. The main colors we used were gradual tones of pink, magenta, fuchsia and deep red and the side colors were purple, violet, lavender, orange and green.

We used several boho details like teepee structures decorated with flowers and vines, lanterns, gypsy boho ottomans, a wooden swing, colorful tea light holders, vintage carpets and colorful cushions.

We also wanted to include some details of both our countries, Italy and Palestine: we arranged a cheese selection with the most typical cheeses from both Italy and Palestine and of course we had a music selection of both Italian and Arabic songs. We also rented a typical Italian Vespa that was also embellished with colorful flowers.

As table escorts cards, we used “Canestrelli”, typical Italian cookies with a Palestinian design painted on the top along with guest name and table number. Finally, some shisha and some Italian wine!

Who we couldn’t have done it without: 

Being a long-distance destination wedding and not being able to travel there myself to take care of the preparations, I knew from the beginning that I needed a very good wedding planner based in Bali. My planner and stylist Elvira Nawrocka from Hari Indah Wedding Planning helped me with every step of the wedding’s preparation, from venue scouting till every detail of the set up. After spending hours chatting on Skype and in WhatsApp she also became a very good friend and we were sincerely sad to say goodbye after the wedding. I wanted something very particular and I wanted to take care of every little detail and Elvira was amazing in this, always coming up with new ideas and proposing a lot of great options. She is the one who managed to make my dream wedding come true.

Advice for future Bali Brides: 

If you decide to go for a destination wedding I truly believe that the best option is to make sure to hire a wedding planner (possibly wedding stylist at the same time) based there and make sure that they are 100% dedicated to you. I also think that it’s very important to take care of every small detail because that’s what makes a wedding successful and enjoyable for the guests.

Lastly, enjoy every moment of the creation process and don’t stress about it… you will miss it once it’s done!

Our Wedding Day… 

Wedding Planner/Stylist: Elvira from Hari Indah Wedding Planning & Design

Click through to listing to see the current promotion with Hari Indah Wedding Planning & Design, for a limited time only, if you’re planning your wedding you won’t want to miss this!

Décor/Furniture: Supply & Demand, Bali Event Hire, Bali Sewa Sewa

Flowers/Florist: Herni from Gloriosa Flowerhouse.

I still remember when the florist came early in the morning on the day of the wedding…I was impressed by the colors and the quantity of the flowers, it was beautiful! Herni Gloriosa really did an amazing job.

Flowers: proteas, hydrangeas, roses, spray roses, snapdragon, ginger flower, anthurium, lotus pod, green and orange berries, delphinium, eustoma, agapanthus

Leaves: eucalyptus, textured local greeneries, pampas grass.

We also installed a wooden frame on top of the bridal table covered with greenery and with lush hanging flowers, vines and mixed colorful lights. For the guests’ tables, we used 8 gold chandeliers with flowers and foliage inside decorated with fairy lights in a star shape.

Hair & Make-up: Manuel Losada Make Up Artist 

Photography: Adi from Axioo Bali

Videography: Robb from Axioo Bali

Favours: Yes, we gifted all our guests with Palestinian inspired embroidered bracelets handmade by Palestinian women in refugee camps in Lebanon. We used the bracelets as napkins holders during the dinner with a card attached saying: 

“Thank you for sharing our special day with us! 

Love brought us together, a Palestinian and an Italian, and with love 10 Palestinian ladies from the Sabra & Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon hand embroidered 60 bracelets for our small Italian wedding #LOVEcanDoGood “

My dear friend Ahmed Chaaban, co-founder of Palestyle (https://www.palestyle.com ) was essential in coming up with this idea and getting the right contacts to bring it to reality

Catering: MNM Innovative Concepts, their service was impeccable. 

We started with a selection of canapes to be served around during the cocktail: Seared beef tenderloin with rucola and pecorino romano on pesto bruschetta, Salmon tartare in crispy cone and seared prawn with black sesame seed, soba, ponzu and chili flament.

For dinner, we offered 2 choices of starters and 3 choices of mains. For starters, we served Seared scallops with champignon, apple dressing, white cabbage pure and red cabbage gazpacho, and a second option of vegetable falafel on grilled eggplant salad with pomegranate and lemon.

The mains options were: 1) Cold fish confit with Lobster roll, zucchini rolls, almond crusted, chestnut pure, water chestnut, turmeric lemon zest oil 2) Tenderloin, baby carrots, celeriac pure, Kalamata crumble, broad bean, caramelized onion, creamy mashed potatoes 3) Aubergine and zucchini lasagna layered with citrus pesto, served with tangerine and kalamansi, tarragon gnocchi, hoi sin spring onions and soy cream.

As explained before, we also had a cheese station with a selection of Italian and Arabic cheeses with olives, grapes, and fresh figs on the side

Cake/Dessert: Cheese station.

The cake was a three-tier cake with tier separators decorated with real flowers in the same style of the ones used for the wedding flower arrangement. The first tier was chocolate cake with salted caramel filling, the second tier was lemon cake with raspberry filling, and the third tier was red velvet cake with cheese cream filling. There was a buttercream finish on all tiers in different colors to match the color theme

Stationery/Invitations: Hari Indah 

Entertainment: DJ Billy 

Gift Registry: Contribution to our Honeymoon

Wedding Songs:

I decided to walk the aisle on the notes of a very classic and romantic track “Canon in D – Pachelbel)

However, Malek decided to make a grand entrance in typical Arab style with a very nice Zaffa song accompanied by his family and friends. The song was a mix of a few Arabic songs and it was a very fun and happy moment, especially for our Italian guests who never saw anything like that before and really enjoyed the show.

We finished the ceremony with the song “Lost Frequencies – Reality” because it was Malek’s and my theme song during our first trip to Bali

We picked “Fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra for our first dance because we both love Frank Sinatra and the lyrics of the song were perfect to describe our feelings towards each other. For the cake cutting we played “That’s amore” by Dean Martin, I just love the lyrics and I liked the idea of adding some Italian vibes to that moment! “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie That’s amore” 🙂

For the rest of the reception we mixed both our cultures with classic Arabic, Italian, and of course English songs

The Bridal Party Details…

Bride’s Dress: Rue De Seine bridal – Beau Gown

Bride’s Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Taylor made

I had 3 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. My bridesmaids wore tailor made dresses, 2 of them made from a Dubai based tailor and 1 of them from an Italian one. I didn’t want to force them to wear something they didn’t feel comfortable with, so I simply bought the fabric for all of them and give them complete free rein about the design. I know them well enough to know they all have amazing taste and I was totally comfortable with this option, also to make it look more personal. They all wore a slightly different flower crown and a bouquet that looked great with the fabric of the dresses.

Bridemaid’s Shoes: Their own

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Both my husband and his brother/best man Sultan tailored a suit in Dubai. They picked a light beige cotton fabric for the jacket and pants, and a plain white fabric for the shirt and embroidered them both with their initials and the date of the wedding. They also wore respectively dark red and blue suspenders and plain white Givenchy sneakers. 

Flowergirls/Page Boys: My flower girls were both wearing an off-white bohemian maxi-dress by the Australian brand Tea Princess with a white flower crown and custom-made Converse embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. 

Jewellery: I didn’t think it would have been nice to wear a lot of jewelry with the dress I picked, therefore I only wore a headpiece with crystals and a ring that my mom gifted me on the same morning. This ring means a lot to both of us because it’s the ring that my father gifted her when she was expecting me. It’s a heart shaped gold ring with one green tourmaline and one purple amethyst stone and I always loved it since I was a baby. It was the best gift my mum could have thought about

The rings: Tiffany

Honeymoon Details: Because all our guests travelled from far to come to our wedding we decided to share part of our honeymoon with them and stay in Bali. We spent one week with family and friends between Canggu and Seminyak. Afterwards, we headed alone to Ubud, very magical place, and after that we travelled by boat to Lombok and Gili Islands and relaxed there for another week.

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding? 

Mainly through Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve always loved to follow accounts with boho vibes that features events and weddings therefore it wasn’t so difficult for me to find the inspirations for my wedding. Elvira played a key role on this of course! I was also following The Bali Bride account and I found many good inspo here as well☺ 

What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding? 

You really have to trust your wedding planner a lot and find someone who is always available to help you and Skype as much as possible, since I’ve never been able to go on location till a week before the wedding. I think that’s the hardest part, especially if you are someone obsessed with details and perfection like me.

Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination? 

The reason why we picked this location is because we went there on holiday 3 years ago and not only we fell in love with the place, but we also fell in love with each other. While we were there we agreed that if we were going to get married that would be the place.

When we gave the news to our families they weren’t so happy about it due to the long travel (17 hours from Italy and 9 from Dubai!) but after the wedding fortunately they said it was worth it.

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding? Lot of excel sheets!!! And well organized folders! And patience ☺

A huge congratulations to Stef and Malek on their stunning Villa Taman Ahimsa Bali wedding! See more images from this colourful bohemian day below.

Katy and Michael’s dreamy Bali wedding is brimming with styling inspiration for bohemian brides! These two decided to plan a destination wedding in one of their favourite places, bringing together 60 of their closest friends and family from both England and Australia.

Taking place amongst the stunning surrounds of Villa Semarapura in Cemagi Beach, Katy and Michael recruited a dream team of local suppliers to bring their bohemian luxe vision to life, including the talented wedding planners from Hitch’d who went above and beyond to create a magical, whimsical setting.

From the flower-filled ceremony styled with oversized arrangements to the eclectic seating nooks and sparkling fairy lights, Katy and Michael wanted to surprise and delight their guests with beautiful details – and we think they totally nailed it. The Bali Event Hire crew were there to provide the furniture goods, including a colourful mix of cocktail seating, scattered textiles and a statement naked tipi, while berry-toned blooms helped to tie each area together. We also love how Katy and Michael opted for eco-friendly guest favours to help preserve the natural beauty of their venue.

You can relive all of the magic captured by Imaj Gallery and Leura Film below (including an epic portrait session with a fleet of white vespas!), as Katy and Michael talk us through their experience planning a Bali wedding and their top tips for engaged couples.

How we met: 

We met in London in 2015 – I am English so London was my home and Michael was travelling Europe with a friend at the time. A mutual friend wanted to set me up with someone and asked me what my type was. I was reluctant that he would have someone that would fit the brief but gave him my criteria anyway – “tattoos, dimples and an accent”. His answer was “I have the perfect guy!” He introduced Michael and I at a house party and the rest is history!!

The proposal: 

As we now live in Australia, Michael wanted to wait until we were back in the UK before he proposed so that he could ask my Dad for my hand (my Dad is old school English!) and so that we could celebrate the engagement with my nearest and dearest. The spot he chose was on the top of a hill in the fields outside my Mum’s house, a place that was very special to us as it was where we used to go to make ‘life decisions’ before we moved to Australia. 

Originally he wanted to propose on the morning of the 23rd of December, he had it all mapped out as our plans for that day were spending the afternoon with my cousins and grandparents and seeing all my best friends in the evening – so a day of celebrations and sharing the news would have lined up perfectly. However – it was raining on the 23rd of December, I had just washed my hair and I could not for the life of me work out why he wanted to go for a walk in the fields in the pissing rain and freezing cold! 

Unfortunately my stubborn-ness stuffed it up a bit for him, so he had to push it back until the next morning. While we were walking he asked me how much I loved him, I gave him a pretty corny answer then asked him how much he loved me, then he got down on one knee (in wet mud) and said “this much” and opened up the ring box! Cue ugly crying! 

Wedding date: 19/4/19

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Villa Semarapura

Wedding Reception Venue: Villa Semarapura

Total Guests: 60

Our style/Inspiration: Beachy, boho, luxe! We wanted something really relaxed that would enable our guests to mingle as much as possible, which is why we opted for lots of scattered casual seating arrangements and cushions – rather than seating plans and formal dining. We also wanted to create lots of beautiful and unique nooks for our guests to discover and enjoy throughout the night, such as our gorgeous naked tipi. Most of all we wanted a touch of magic – heaps of sparkling fairy lights, messy flowers everywhere and lots and lots of fun. 

Who we couldn’t have done it without: Hitchd!! Our wedding planner Kristen and the team made all of our dreams come true and there is no way any of it would’ve happened if it wasn’t for them! They truly went above and beyond with everything they did, their attention to detail was spectacular and we had so much fun planning everything with them – they made the process so enjoyable!

Advice for future Bali Brides: Get a wedding planner! (Especially if you are choosing Hitchd!) They are worth their weight in gold. Not only will your day be so much better for it, the whole planning process will be so much easier and more manageable.  

Our Wedding Day… 

Wedding Planner/Stylist: Hitch’d I stalked their socials for a long time and adored their style and the beautiful and unique looks that they create.

Décor/Furniture: Bali Event Hire – they had an amazing variety of furniture to use which was perfect for us because we wanted to create a very eclectic and mix and match kind of vibe where all the furnishings were different. We had a lot of rattan, rugs, throws, ottomans, lounge seats, peacock chairs, cocktail sets and benches – pretty much everything you could think of! All of the centrepieces were different too – contrasting lanterns, candlesticks, floral arrangements, vases etc – it was BEAUTIFUL! If I say so myself… Our naked tipi was my favourite element, it was adorned in fairy lights with a pink clay chandelier hanging from the middle, with cushions and peacock chairs underneath. 

Flowers/Florist: Sandat Floral. The floral colours we wanted were deep burgundies with pops of pink, blush and nude and lots and lots of greenery. We loved the stunning arch and ceremony feature that Sandat created, they are wizards!! We went for lots of statement flowers too such as orchids, roses and proteas which we loved. The colours matched the decor perfectly and the bouquets they created for us were insane!

Hair & Make-up: My hair was a half up half down braid with flowers and leaves tucked into the braid and wavy hair hanging down underneath. Because it was SO humid my waves fell out pretty much instantly – but I still loved it! I don’t normally wear heavy make up so I kept it pretty light and natural, same with all my bridesmaids. They had braided up do’s to keep their hair off their neck in the heat and to allow for maximum dancing at party time! Rani Bronzer was our supplier. 

Photography: Imaj Gallery – loved how they captured so many candid moments. They gave us literally THOUSANDS of raw images and over 300 edits which was so incredibly kind of them. Nilou and her team were so lovely to work with and did such an amazing job. I believe that photography and videography are some of the most important parts of the wedding because (other than memories) they are the only things you leave with and are the best way to preserve the day forever – so choose carefully! We recommend Imaj and Leura so highly. 

Videography: Leura Film – the two wedding videos we got from these guys will be treasured for our whole lives, they are created to the most unbelievable standard and evoke so much emotion every time we watch them. They captured the day in a way we could never have imagined! They are true artists. 

Favours: We’re very aware of the huge plastic problem in Bali and the contribution that the wedding industry makes towards this – so we asked all our suppliers to avoid using single use plastic and instead asked them to use personalised bamboo straws which said ‘The Searsy Wedding 19/4/19’ on the side. All the guests kept their straws and I think they were a big hit! They were also a BARGAIN at only $10. Pretty small price to pay to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly 🙂 

Hubby also requested that we had personalised stubby holders made. These were burgundy so looked great in the photos with the groomsmen as they matched their chinos perfectly. Some said ‘The Searsy Wedding’ and some said ‘Let’s Get Searsious’… again, hubby’s request! And the last favour (which was pretty essential in hindsight) were rattan fans that we placed on all the ceremony chairs. Good job too because it was still very hot during our ceremony and I think my English guests would have melted if we didn’t think of that one… 

Celebrant: Wadi – he was lovely!

Catering: We had roaming canapes instead of a sit-down meal because we really wanted to enable our guests to move around as much as possible during the whole event. As most of my guests were from England and Michael’s from Australia, there will be few (if any) opportunities in the future where they will all be together – so we really wanted them to be able to get to know each other! 

We had 4 veggie canapes, 8 meat/fish canapes and 4 dessert canapes. We also had a nasi goreng / mie goreng stand. We chose Dijon because they had a HUGE variety of canapes on offer and loved their sunset canape package option. The food was delicious and we got lots of comments about it! We were also able to do a tasting day when we went out to Bali for a wedding planning trip. They were so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure they could create the perfect combinations for us. 

Cake/Dessert: We had 4 dessert canapes with Dijon and a single layered (but very tall) naked wedding cake from Butter Bali. We went for a vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel drizzle on top. It was deeelicious.

Stationery/Invitations: We sourced our invitations from a super talented designer that we found on Etsy called Alicia, her business is called Bella and Boheme. We loved the relaxed boho script teamed with burgundy proteas – which matched our decor perfectly.

Entertainment: When Michael and I were travelling Indonesia in 2016 we spent 5 weeks in the Gili Islands were we befriended an awesome local called Richard and his insanely talented band. They used to sing reggae songs and play the guitar on the beach every sunset and all night long and they were an intrinsic part of all of our happy memories from that beautiful part of our life together. We decided then and there that if we ever got married in the future, we would have to come back to Bali to do it so that Richard and the gang could play at our wedding – so we did just that! 

Normally Richard only plays at gigs and festivals but was happy to make an exception and do his very first wedding performance for us. It was so meaningful and emotional for him to be there playing for us. Dancing with Michael at sunset while Richard was singing our favourite songs will forever be one of my best memories! Richard wrapped up his set at around 8pm, then we had speeches and after that we hooked our iPhones up to the speaker system and played our own playlists. We are a big fan of our music and wanted to create the perfect playlist rather than rely on a DJ and I think we did a pretty epic job! The music was probably the most talked about part of the wedding the next day. So many old school disco and big boogie songs – the dance floor was PACKED all night long. (And very sweaty!) 

Transport: As we were staying at the venue we didn’t need transport to get anywhere – but we hired 6 white vespas for Michael and I and the bridal party to go for a sunset drive after the ceremony which was SO much fun and created really amazing photo memories. 

Gift Registry: We didn’t have a gift registry as we were conscious that our guests were all travelling so far to be there – so their presence was a gift enough!

Wedding Songs: 

Down the aisle – Bridesmaids walked to Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles. I walked down to Do You Remember, Jack Johnson. 

Signing song – Signed Sealed Delivered, Stevie Wonder. 

Announcement song – Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole. 

The Bridal Party Details… 

Bride’s Dress: My dress was a dream! Very lacy, boho, comfortable, great for the setting and fitted my personality perfectly. The best part about the dress was the amazing lace wings – they were so unique and added such an incredible wow factor to the dress. I couldn’t stop twirling around with my arms out! I loved the slit at the front and the statement back – I felt so beautiful and happy in it. I really wanted to wear something that would allow me to move freely, cuddle all my family and friends, pick up my baby brothers, sit down wherever I pleased and have a wild time on the dancefloor! Hubby definitely approved too!

I really recommend GLL – they have the most stunning designs.  Dress was Grace Loves Lace, Veil was Chosen by One Day, Undies and garter were handmade by an amazingly talented lady called Imogen, her business is called Imogen Apparel. 

Bride’s Shoes: I had two pairs of shoes – heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception. They were both nude in colour and from Nine West.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: As my bridesmaids all have different body shapes and skin tones, I wanted them all to feel super comfortable and happy with how they looked on the day so we had a combination of styles and colour dresses from Show Me Your Mumu. The two colours we went for were dusty blush and show me the ring. The styles were very bohemian and relaxed, but also lovely and feminine. The dress colours worked perfectly with their dark burgundy bouquets. 

Bridemaid’s Shoes: An assortment! They all wore their own blush heeled sandals. 

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Michael wore burgundy chinos from Roger David with a tailormade biscuit coloured jacket and a linen/cotton blend shirt (which was great for the heat). The shoes were woven brown leather and great for the setting. The groomsmen wore the same minus the jacket. They all wore personalised budgy smugglers with groom/groomsmen written on them underneath their suits – which made for a very funny appearance at the end of the reception! 

Flowergirls/Page Boys: My two little brothers were my page boys, they wore light blue short sleeved shirts with pink shorts and blue birkenstocks. They looked super cute!  

Jewellery: I kept it simple and just wore diamond studs, which were very special to me as the diamonds belonged to my Grandma who passed away the year before. It was beautiful to be able to have something of hers on me on the day, and it also doubled up as my ‘something old’! 

The rings: My wedding ring was custom made by a friend of Michael’s who owns Hogan Family Jewellers in Toowoomba, QLD. I wanted something that was quite contrasting to my engagement ring – and something with a lot of sparkle! I absolutely adore it.

Honeymoon Details: We are off to New Caledonia in December for 7 days of relaxing, cocktails and quality time together in the tropics just the two of us! While we had a blast in Bali with 60 family and friends it was a far cry from relaxing so we are mega excited to kick back in a couple of months time. 

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding? 

Pinterest has got to be my favourite place for styling inspiration! I was Pinterest obsessed during my planning and still pin to my wedding boards to this day! Instagram was also great and I loved accounts such as the bali bride and festival brides. 

What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding? 

For me it was quite difficult having all my family and bridesmaids on the other side of the world and in a different time zone, so I had to do most of the planning myself! Although Michael LOVED helping with things such as food and music, flowers and furniture really wasn’t his thing haha! So for me it wasn’t so much that my wedding was overseas, but that my bridesmaids were! 

The other thing that we struggled with was managing lots of different currencies. We had savings in GBP and AUD, but had to pay our suppliers in USD and IDR! This meant that numbers and quotes changed a lot throughout the process, and we lost a lot of money in transaction fees. 

Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination? 

We wanted somewhere that was in between Australia and England, to allow both sets of our guests to get there. Bali is a very special place to us as we have spent over 5 months travelling Indonesia together, we have so many happy memories there and it’s where we realised we wanted to be together forever – so it made sense to pick this spot to tie the knot. It’s also beautiful and we adore the food and people – which definitely helps!! 

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding? 

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to spreadsheets and organisation, so I didn’t find this too tricky. Kristen and Hitch’d obviously did most of the legwork here though! They would send us regular updates and to-do lists on what we had to get done, so it was very manageable and straight forward. 

A huge congratulations to Katy and Michael on their dreamy Villa Semarapura Bali wedding! See more images from this tropical day below.

Real Bali Wedding: Ashlee + Barry, Hotel Komune Resort Bali Wedding, The Bali Bride wedding directory

Ashlee and Barry first met on a school bus and remained friends for 14 years before their relationship blossomed into something more. After the sweetest proposal (involving an 8-week old puppy!), these two decided to plan a destination wedding in one of their favourite holiday locations, beautiful Bali.

Taking place at Komune Resort, Ashlee and Barry drew inspiration from the picturesque scenery of Bali along with their own relationship – ensuring their day was truly personal, memorable and unique. Working with the uber-talented Elvira from Hari Indah (described by the newlyweds as a serious magic maker!), this colourful Bali wedding was packed with tropical blooms, lush foliage and stunning natural backdrops.

After an intimate beachfront ceremony, guests enjoyed the most incredible reception under the stars, decked out with a selection of bohemian-inspired furniture from the Bali Event Hire range and one seriously cute gelato cart. And we think you’ll agree the team at Bloomz absolutely nailed it with the epic tropical arrangements that featured throughout each element of the day.

We’ve fallen completely in love with all of the details from this bold, colourful and beautifully styled Komune Resort Bali wedding, created with an absolute dream team of vendors (including our friends at Leura Film and Evermotion to capture all of the magic!). Keep scrolling for an inside look into how Ashlee and Barry planned their day, along with a dreamy set of snaps from Evermotion.

How we met:

On the school bus, he went to the local boys school I went to the girls school. We were friends for 14 years before anything happened, we kept getting closer and closer.  It took a few years of convincing, but eventually we realised we were perfect for each other. 

The proposal: 

It was a year to the day since we moved into the place we bought and spent the past year madly renovating it ourselves. 

Barry caught me completely off guard, I arrived home from work and Barry took our 8-week old puppy into our room and came out with him wearing a top asking me to marry his dad. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife… I cried for about ten minutes before I could give him an answer…YES! Of course. 

We then went to dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant and celebrated with a few margaritas. 

Wedding date: 4th October 2018

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Hotel Komune, Bali

Wedding Reception Venue: Hotel Komune, Bali 

Total Guests: 68 guests

Our Style/Inspiration:

The beautiful surroundings and our relationship. We worked really hard on making sure that there were pieces of us in all elements of the day. 

Who we couldn’t have done it without: 

As a wedding and event planner myself and self-proclaimed control freak, it was always going to be a challenge to hand the reins for my perfect day over to someone else. We made a trip over to Bali and met with Elvira from Hari Indah and I instantly felt at ease, we had the best time collaborating with her – she is a serious magic maker! 

Turning the corner to walk down the aisle and seeing our concepts brought to life made me soo excited – she totally exceeded my expectations.

Advice for future Bali Brides: HIRE ELVIRA!! Seriously wedding planners are worth every cent (and more) 

Our Wedding Day…

Wedding Planner/Stylist: Hari Indah – right from the start when I was researching and found a planner whose name translates to “a beautiful day” I knew I had found the right person to work with – it’s the deep and thoughtful touches that help make a day and that is just what she does. 

Décor/Furniture: Bali Event Hire

Flowers/Florist: Bloomz Flowers Bali – Flowers was a big one for us and we wanted the beautiful local tropical flowers to be the stand out of our styling against the beautiful green foliage of Komune and contrast of the black sand beach. Elvira recommended her as being the go-to for all things tropical and WOW did she deliver.

Hair & Make-up: I was lucky enough to have two very talented friends from home come over for the wedding and do my hair and make-up (Evie and Addy you are superstars!) We also had Yeanne Make Up artist for bridesmaids and mothers.

Photography: Evermotion – I have always been very opinionated about wedding photography so it was key to finding a team. I  found them while researching on Instagram, immediately loved their work and how they captured moments and emotions so well.

Videography: Leura Film, they sure delivered with a beautiful video that still makes me cry every time I watch it. They nailed the brief. We really wanted to capture the feel of the day and see all of our favourite people that flew to Bali to help us celebrate. 

Favours: Custom stubby holders in welcome bags (survival kits) delivered to guests rooms as they arrived. On the day the guests also received a personal handwritten letter from Barry and I thanking them for joining us and telling them how important they are to us.

Celebrant: Heather Boylan

Catering: Hotel Komune Bali

Cake/Dessert: We wanted to mix things up and decided to go with a Piñata in the shape of a wedding cake. We had a secret party room so Barry and I snuck off into the party room and the doors were open revealing us hitting the piñata which was filled with glow sticks and party props to help kick the party off. 

On holidays to Bali we also have a tradition of going to get gelato/ ice cream each day, so naturally we had an ice cream cart guests could help themselves to for desert.

Stationery/Invitations: I am lucky enough to have a very talented sister who also doubled as my maid of honor (Thank you Lauren)

Entertainment: As guests arrived to the ceremony we had Rindik players to help set the scene and then DJ Sammy Sax took over. We grew up in Many where many a fun night out was spent dancing to a DJ with Sax so wanted to recreate that vibe – Sammy was amazing and had all ages up and dancing.

Transport: Not needed as almost all guests were staying onsite at Komune.

Gift Registry: We asked our guests to join us in Bali to celebrate and hopefully spend a few days with us, that was the greatest gift to us.

Wedding Songs:

Down the aisle: Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez 
Signing: Follow the Sun – Xavier Rudd
Up the aisle: Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac
Announcement: Baby, I love your way – Big Mountain
First Dance: I got you Babe – UB40 + Chrissie Hynde

The Bridal Party Details… 

Bride’s Dress: Catherine R Couture from Perfect Day Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Rebecca Valance and Bec and Bridge

Bridemaid’s Shoes: Loeffler Randal, Rubi + Nude

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Industrie – no shoes

Jewellery: Brides earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane, anklet gifted from mum with my dad’s lucky dolphin charm and I added paw print charm gifted by Holly who made our rings in honour of our puppy.

Groom – Grandfathers vintage Rolex, bride had restored as a wedding gift.

The rings: Custom made by Holly Michele Jewellery

Honeymoon Details:

We stayed at Komune for the week of the wedding with family and friends then went onto the Slow at Canggu, Como Uma in Ubud and finished at MU Bali at Bingin. 

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding?

Our wedding style really came from Bali and its flowers. We figured if you are going to get married in a different country the wedding should reflect where you are. Bali is our happy place and we love the sounds and smells (well some of them) the offerings around the place and the colours. We wanted it to capture the beautiful tropical flowers of Bali. It was all about creating a simple backdrop to showcase them and including as many different things that related to us as a couple. 

These days it’s hard to plan an event without the use of Pinterest and Instagram, they are a great source of inspiration. I found the easiest way to start was to make a board and pin everything you like. You soon see a pattern of what you like and can then run with that.

What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding?

The countdown to get there! We honestly were so excited we couldn’t wait to get to Bali and celebrate. 

But I guess just realizing Bali time is a real thing, almost refreshing when you come from a world where everything is so instant. 

Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination?

Bali is our happy place, it was our first OS holiday together and the first OS trip we took as a family after my dad passed away. I feel Bali is a special place and heals the soul a little. 

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding?

Spreadsheets are life! That and frequent calls with Elvira our planner.

A huge congratulations to Ashlee and Barry on their stunning Komune Resort Bali wedding! See more images from this tropical day below.

Meaghan and Luke’s romantic Bali wedding is the bohemian celebration of our dreams! Filled with eclectic styling and colourful blooms, these two tied the knot at Villa the Sanctuary in Canggu alongside their closest friends and family.

Planned by the incredible team at Wonderland Bali Events, Meaghan and Luke wanted to create a relaxed boho wedding that reflected their free-spirited personalities – and we think you’ll agree their stylist Anastasia executed their vision to an absolute tee. 

This beautiful Canggu celebration began with an intimate garden ceremony, styled beautifully with oversized floral arrangements and romantic linen draping. From there, guests enjoyed a colourful cocktail hour on the lawn, decked out with an eclectic array of bohemian furniture from Wonderland Rentals.

As the sun set, the group enjoyed an al fresco dinner under the stars amongst long white tables, rattan chairs, and the most incredible canopy of florals and fairylights. Table arrangements were filled with bold pops of colour and elegant gold tableware, while hanging basket lights completed the boho-inspired setting.

Diktat Photography was there to capture all of the beautiful details from this romantic destination wedding, so keep scrolling to see how this epic Canggu day unfolded. Meaghan and Luke also share their inspiration for the day, their top tips for planning a destination event, and the dream team of Bali suppliers that made it all happen!

How we met: 

It was a beautiful summer night and I was with my girlfriend – we had ordered take out from a place in our local town and Luke called her asking what she was up too. Turns out he was literally around the corner with a friend, so they ended up meeting with us. I was so mad at my girlfriend because I had just hopped out of the shower, my hair was wet and I had no makeup on. When they arrived, it just so happened to be that Luke’s friend and I had met a few years earlier in Bali. We all got talking and we decided to head to the beach, to a place which became one of our favourite spots, our ‘secret location’. Luke was 18 and I was 20, so both very young. 

The very next day, Luke decided to have a party as his parents had gone away for the weekend. Myself and 3 girlfriends went and the rest is history. All it took was to meet that one night and we became infatuated over each other. It wasn’t long before I moved in with him. He bought me our very first kitten, Bronson. We built our first home, got engaged and now we have another little baby kitten, Betty. Everything happens for a reason and I count my lucky stars everyday that we had met that night.

A little fun fact is that we both went to a housewarming party when we were around 5 & 7, how cute is that! Fate obviously drew us back together.

The proposal:

I had organised for us to go glamping at a beautiful property in Eltham, Victoria. This was a month after our 4 year anniversary (he was going to propose on our anniversary (I didn’t know this) but we were unable to get into glamping as it was fully booked)! I had NO idea as I had planned the whole thing. The host of the glamping location was going to take us into town so we could enjoy a nice dinner together, little did I know that Luke had gone behind my back and organised for the host to prepare a 3 course dinner (pasta being the main course, my fav). The host had organised for the jacuzzi to be turned on warmed for the night. I wasn’t keen on going in the jacuzzi as it was the middle of winter, but Luke insisted, I now know why he was so persistent. It was a beautiful clear night, under the stars and it was perfect. The host had brought out desserts for us to enjoy, in a beautiful platter with fairy lights & there it was.. my ring! I turned to Luke and he had this big smile, I couldn’t believe what was happening & he said ‘So, how bout it?’ A classic Luke line and of course the answer was YES!

Wedding date: 17th June 2019 – our six year anniversary

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Villa the Sanctuary, Canggu

Wedding Reception Venue: Villa the Sanctuary, Canggu

Total Guests: 88

Our Style/Inspiration: Pinterest & Instagram. A LOT of wedding venues and planners from BALI! I’m a very free spirit & love boho style everything. This was our main goal, and our wedding felt so intimate even though we had so many guests there with us. Romantic feels.

Who we couldn’t have done it without: WONDERLAND BALI

Advice for future Bali Brides:

Don’t stress! It is going to be the most magical day of your life, enjoy EVERY second. Take everything in and create precious memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Have trust and faith in your wedding planner, they will make your day more than you could ever imagine. 

Wedding Planner/Stylist:

The AMAZING Anastasia Wolf from Wonderland Bali. I cannot fault Ana, she is such an incredible stylist. I honestly cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything she did over the year whilst organising our wedding. I was SO indecisive, stuck for ideas as I was in between styles and inspiration. The hardest thing for me to choose was flowers. Ana and I went back and forth on this for months, I was stressing so hard. I put my faith in Ana and told her to do what she thinks, and boy do I not regret that decision. The flowers were phenomenal. She covered everything so perfectly, every detail was captured & I am literally still in awe of the whole day. I am truly blessed to have found her. 

Décor/Furniture: Wonderland Bali Furniture – Wonderland Rentals & Bali Event Furniture.

Flowers/Florist: Gloriosa Flower House

Hair & Make-up: My girlfriend did our hair. Her Instagram is @hair.mkm. Make Up was Renee Petit – incredibly talented makeup artist. I HIGHLY recommend her to any brides looking at using her services. I am very picky when it comes to makeup, and she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I wore less makeup on the day of the wedding than I do in everyday life, and the coverage was exceptional.

Photography: Diktat Photopraphy – WOWEEEEEEE. These gents nailed it. I am so blessed that they captured our day so perfectly. They got so many photos of the guests too, which was extremely important to me. I wanted our guests to reflect back on our day just as much as we can.

Videography: Arum Film. I literally decided on these guys 2 weeks before the wedding as Ana had suggested them. They only had a few videos to go off, but I felt confident and trusted Ana. Our video is the most precious thing I have from the day. The captured everything so perfectly. I cry every time I watch it. It just leaves me speechless.

Favours: I had bought over wooden carved name place cards as their favours, to make it a little personal! I bought these off a site on Etsy – Candy Bar Sydney!

Celebrant: Matt George – he was American, recommendation by Ana. He was fabulous and made everything run so smoothly & told our love story perfectly.

Catering: Table D’or & Beverages were through Elite Bar Solutions

Cake/Dessert: Butter Bali supplied the cake – I didn’t have a chance to eat any BUT apparently it was the most amazing vanilla cake they had EVER tasted. All other desserts were supplied by the catering company.

Stationery/Invitations: We did wooden Mandalas for our save the dates off Etsy – Red Pineapple Shop. They were a hit. Our wedding invitations were from an Aussie company called Sail and Swan – the invitations were also timber, to match in with our save the dates! I had these personalised to add a mandala print.

Entertainment: DJ was Ian Taylor!

Transport: Our beautiful Bali friend, DJ who is like family had organised 4 12 seaters buses for us to collect from 2 locations (Legian and Seminyak). He attended the wedding as guest but organised this prior to the wedding for us. His facebook is DJ BALI TOUR & Instagram @djbalitour

Gift Registry: We specifically asked for no gifts as we preferred our family and friends coming over to Bali to be with us. Their presence was far more important than presents!

Wedding Songs:

Before the wedding: We played Ziggy Alberts & Ben Howard to set the mood, 2 incredible folk artists!
Down the Aisle Crazy Love – Juke Ross
SigningSlow Dance – Ziggy Alberts, we also used this song in our wedding trailer video!
AnnouncementRiptide – Vance Joy
Bridal Entrance to receptionShake it off remix by Taylor Swift – huge fangirl of Tay Tay.
Daddy daughter danceButterfly fly away – Miley Cyrus
First Dance You Are In Love – Taylor Swift cover by Mackenzie Johnson
Cake CuttingOnly Love – Ben Howard 

Bride’s Dress: Grace Loves Lace – Fabienne. Discontinued style & my second dress was the Canyon Moon Mesh Gown from Spell Designs. 

Bride’s Shoes: Barefoot & then foot jewellery when I swapped into my second dress. The foot jewellery was off Etsy – Forever Soles

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coven & Co

Bridemaid’s Shoes: Barefoot

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Shirts were white linen from Peter Jackson, pants were from Politix & shoes were from Betts (men). They ended up going barefoot on the day!

Flowergirls/Page Boys: The girls dresses were from a store on Etsy – Jolijolies

Jewellery: I wore my engagement ring, a half crescent moon ring and borrowed blue ring. I’m not a big jewellery person. My sisters (bridesmaids) wore earrings from Lovisa & their own rings.

The rings: All our rings were from Michael Hill

Honeymoon Details:

After the wedding we were in Bali for another 2 ½ weeks. We spend 1 ½ weeks with our families as this was their first trip to Bali. In the final week, Luke and I packed a backpack each & jumped on the scooter and off we went. We explored so many beautiful parts of Bali that we had never been to before. It was such an incredible experience, and I am thankful that we were able to spend that time together in a place that we both love so much. We started in Uluwatu then headed to Gianyar, Candidasa, Selat, Ubud, Kabupaten & then back to Gianyar. The places were sensational, Our favourite being Camaya Bali, right near Mt Agung.

Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding?

Pinterest and Instagram were my two mains. All wedding villas & planners I would follow and take bits and pieces from their weddings. I had been collecting images for years, even before I was engaged we all do it, haha)! Ana and I would share thoughts to achieve a style best suited for me and Luke. I wanted to have a wedding that was so different from every other wedding that we have been too. Our wedding was a complete fairytale, it was breathtaking. I still receive so many compliments and messages, it’s such a nice feeling.

 What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding?

The guestlist!!!!! I struggled with this so much, it is by far the worst thing to do when planning a wedding, especially overseas. I made a small weekend trip with my bridesmaids to do food tasting, alcohol tasting, makeup trial and to meet with Ana, Nothing was too hard, and I highly recommend a destination wedding. You will not regret it.

Another hard thing was knowing that some family members wouldn’t be able to attend due to travelling/costs etc. We chose to go ahead with it, and they were all so supportive.

Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination?

Bali was my first overseas holiday with my best friend Taylah. I finally convinced Luke to come to Bali, he had no interest in coming whatsoever & he LOVED it. It has always been a special place for us as it was over first overseas trip together. Our wedding trip was my 8th trip & it was Luke’s 4th trip. 

How did you stay organised while planning a destination wedding?

I had a big folder with everything printed. I used this right at the beginning when I first started collating ideas and inspiration. Ana and I talked on WhatsApp pretty much everyday & I found that it was such an effective way of communication. She always used a program called DRIVE which had our quote and moodboard. I ended up using this for pretty much everything. I’m a very organised person as is, so that helped. 

Budget: We went in with a budget of around $35k -$40k

Actual Cost: $45k – $50k, including dress & flights etc. It was worth every penny, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

A huge congratulations to Meaghan and Luke on their dreamy Bali wedding! See more images from this bohemian day below.


Bali is renowned as one of the most romantic places in the world, making it the perfect location for a destination wedding. But when it comes to actually planning a destination wedding? The “to-do” list can seem infinite – not to mention the geographic challenges of organising a wedding from abroad.

Working with a local wedding planner is one of our number one tips if you’re dreaming of a beautiful, stress-free Bali wedding celebration executed with love, care and attention to detail. And luckily, we’ve got you covered, with 11 of the best Bali-based wedding planners who can guide you along the way.

If you’re looking to enlist an expert for your perfect Bali wedding, keep reading for our top recommendations below!

Hari Indah

Hari Indah has perfected the art of wedding planning and creating a day to remember. They will design and plan your Bali wedding day to the ‘T’, ensuring it has your own personal touch and comes to life on the day. Hari Indah have an easy-to-follow process that will give you complete clarity of the design and planning stages, ensuring you have a relaxed day to remember.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

The Seven Agency

The Seven Agency are a team of confident and experienced in-house stylists, florists, make-up artists and much, much more. Their all-inclusive team provides an exceptional service that makes the difference between a good and an outstanding wedding.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Save The Date Bali

Save The Date Bali is dedicated to providing a personalised service and making you feel truly special. This bespoke Wedding & Event Management company has the highest of standards and will help you create beautiful wedding memories that last a lifetime. 

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Silver Lace Weddings

Silver Lace Weddings has a unique and fresh approach to wedding planning, with a super funny and outgoing head honcho at the helm! Your experience with these guys will be nothing short of amazing, while they connect you with the industry best in Bali. 

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Bali VIP Weddings

Bali VIP Weddings are known for organizing elegant, stylish, glamorous and fun celebrations around Bali. Founder Veronika is a perfectionist, with over a decade of industry experience. If you’re looking for first-class service, these are your people – recently winning the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2015 for the Golden Crown.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Bali Happy Events

Bali Happy Events has a simple philosophy – you dream it, and we make it happen! This bespoke wedding planning company treats each wedding as a unique event that truly reflects your own authentic style, personality and relationship.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Cher Ange Weddings & Events

Cher Ange Weddings & Events is experienced in delivering fairytale weddings and creative events in Bali. They will guarantee a professional and personalised wedding planning service with access to the best vendors on the island. The owner also speaks fluent Indonesian to assist in a seamless experience when dealing with the local community. 

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory


WedBali has the experience, care, and devotion to help create your ideal dreamy wedding. Whether you want to elope to a majestic waterfall or have an intimate wedding on romantic aisle of Bali, WedBali are experts.

Wonderland Bali Events

Wonderland Bali Events team of creatives are focused on fairytale scenarios, with special attention to detail. They are mad about style, décor, elements and every little thing that turns an event into a day full of wonders. If you are looking for a bespoke wedding planner that thinks outside the box and adds lots of personal touches then look no further.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Global Weddings

Global Weddings offer a wide range of services and can coordinate everything to save you time and stress. They are highly capable in the marriage legalities department and travel insurance, giving you peace of mind at each step. You’ll be sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s with Global Weddings – their team are the ultimate professionals who will work hard to deliver your dream wedding.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Plan A

Plan A is the perfect mix of professional and fun! They specialise in bespoke events including weddings, pre-wedding festivities, and more. They love chatting to clients about their dream day and will weave the magic of Bali into your wedding day.

11 of the Best Bali-Based Wedding Planners! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

Here at The Bali Bride, we only recommend suppliers we know, love and trust. You can get connected with our dream team of Bali-based wedding planners via our directory, or browse our latest Real Wedding blogs to see their work in action!

Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting milestone, but have you taken a moment to consider the environmental impact of your day? There are so many great ways to plan a mindful and eco-conscious celebration without compromising on style or quality – and one Bali wedding venue paving the way forward is Tirtha Bridal.

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

Established in 2003, Tirtha is a stunning multi-purpose wedding venue set on the cliff tops of Southern Bali. As one of Bali’s leading destination wedding venues, we were inspired to learn that the team at Tirtha have recently launched a new concept called “Weddings without Waste” – a commitment to creating weddings that focus on eco-friendly elegance, sustainability, and a lighter environmental footprint.

These guys believe in letting the natural beauty of Bali take center stage, minimising unnecessary waste and repurposing items wherever possible. Tirtha encourages their couples to rely less on single-use flowers and decorations, and instead take advantage of sustainable materials and the lush natural surroundings of the venue to create a mindful, yet beautiful, day.

We recently sat down with the Tirtha team to learn more about their commitment to Weddings without Waste and their top tips on creating an eco-conscious Bali wedding. Keep reading to hear how this unique Bali wedding venue is doing things differently!

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

Tell us about how the concept of ‘Weddings without Waste’ developed? 

The moment we started the company. We think that Bali’s nature is just beautiful the way it is, so we want it to be the center stage. We just fell in love with it. With this in mind, we tried to create a venue that wouldn’t need too much additional decoration. A little touch of flower decoration on the table should be just an accent to enhance the nature, not the other way around – having gigantic decorations covering the venue. We’ve also been implementing a Japanese concept of Mottainai (not easily throwing things away) by remodeling items we have so we could reuse them. We think that we can minimize unnecessary waste by using less flowers and remodeling things.  

A few years back we stopped using plastic straws and replaced with paper straws instead. Not stopping there, we introduced a new look to begin 2019. We use dried flowers and potted plants so we could minimize the usage of cut flowers. We also try to reduce the usage of floral foam or oasis because it is made of plastic. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to use cut flowers at all, but we try as much as we can to minimize. Lucky for us, the wedding trend now is dried pampas so our new look just fit in the trend. 

Aside to this, we also stopped selling the Balloon Release even though it’s so popular for wedding couples, as our commitment to preserve the environment and the ocean. We hope these small steps could bring a difference and we will continue with more steps in the future.

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

How do Tirtha strive to do things differently?

We try to implement the concept of Let the Beauty of Nature Take Center Stage and Mottainai as the root of our act. On the other side, we also understand that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and some couples want something special for the day. It could be a grandeur decoration with lots of flowers, or celebrating their love with a balloon release, which doesn’t really align with our concept. Sometimes it is hard to fully convince them, but in the end we always find the midway.  

When did you realise the need to address the issue of excess waste at weddings? 

Since we started the company in 2003. But now with the raise of awareness for global warming, it is good timing for us to keep on trying.  

What is Eco-Friendly elegance? 

Let the Beauty of Nature take Center Stage with simple yet sophisticated decorations.

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

What eco-friendly wedding alternatives/options do you offer?

For now, the usage of potted plants, dried flowers, fabrics that can be reused.  

How do you find a balance between design trends and sustainability?

This is hard. So far, we try to give a new life to decoration items by remodeling and reusing them. We are not perfect, but we believe we are learning by doing continuously.

Weddings Without Waste: Creating an Eco-Conscious Bali Wedding with Tirtha Bridal | The Bali Bride

You can get in touch with this inspiring destination wedding venue on The Bali Bride directory right here (and be sure to ask about their all-inclusive Island Flair weekday wedding package). A huge thanks to the Tirtha team for sharing their tips on creating an eco-conscious Bali wedding!

When it comes to all things bridal beauty in Bali, there’s one name that continues to pop up across our Instagram feed and Real Bali weddings – and that’s the team at Glo Day Spa. These guys are not only seriously lovely to work with, but have a stellar reputation throughout Bali (for good reason!).

Helmed by the uber-talented Aussie expat Georgia Sutherland, Glo is renowned as the ultimate one-stop-shop – offering everything from expert hair and makeup to massages, tanning and nourishing skin treatments. Take it from us, the Glo experience is second to none, from the lush high-quality spa products through to the warm, friendly service and blissful surrounds.

We believe every bride deserves to feel her absolute best, so we recently sat down with Georgia to chat bridal beauty, pre-wedding pampering and the different spa packages available at Glo (complete with wine and nibbles – where do we sign up?!). If you’re currently planning your own Bali wedding, keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at this luxury local salon.

Bali Supplier Spotlight: Glo Day Spa, Bali Bridal Beauty

Tell us about Glo Day Spa & Salon – where did it all begin?

Glo was the first city-style day spa and salon on the island opening its doors in July 2005 – truly the pioneer to Bali of this very popular style and theme.  Glo has been the long time bridal go-to salon with a stellar team of therapists and stylists providing their guests with the one stop shop for all spa, beauty and salon needs. Featured by Conde Nast 2019 as “a beauty salon to rival the best in Bondi or Beverly Hills, by its first-rate services which won’t break the bank.” 

Glo is owned by Georgia Sutherland, an Australian who has been lucky to call Bali her island home and whom is passionate about her team, the services that they do and has a love for the industry and island which is literally tangible!

What services do you currently offer at the spa?

We specialize in hair colouring, styling, make up, muscle smoothing massages and every beauty whim desired, all under one roof. Think tanning, facials, waxing, brows, lashes, massages, cuts, manis, pedis, weddings, spa parties. It’s all here, using only the best high quality products and with unrivalled training and guest service with affordable prices making Glo and expat, local and tourist favourite.   

Bali Supplier Spotlight: Glo Day Spa, Bali Bridal Beauty

Bali Supplier Spotlight: Glo Day Spa, Bali Bridal Beauty

We know you specialise in bridal parties – what sort of packages are available and what do they include? 

With a high demand from our bridal parties, we have recently launched an exclusive spa party package that includes 3-hours of pampering from head-to-toe that is ideal for groups of up to 16 people including  blissfully beautiful facials for a luminous and radiant complexion; a thoroughly relaxing foot massage; a nourishing hair spa to revive and moisturize; and luxurious spa pedicure or manicure finished with a flawless polish while sipping wine and enjoying nibbles to ensure you leave feeling GLO-ing!  That being said, we will create a bespoke spa party for groups wanting to spa together.  

Can bridal parties visit the salon together or do you go to the venue on the day?

Yes! We can do both! They can go to either Glo Canggu or Glo Sanur or we can come to the comfort of their own villas! We call this Go Glo, and our team bring their skills to all parts of the island and other islands of Indonesia too.  We are passionate about everything spa, beauty and bridal.


What makes Glo different?

With a couple of incredible Australian/ Western stylists on the floor who master in stylish cuts and colouring as well as bridal hair and make-up, we are also blessed with our talented Indonesian stylists who possess decades of experience.  Our team is incredible and we are passionate about training and continually improving and learning new skills.

Glo is a leader and are first to bring many treatments and new services to the island. We are sincere in ensuring we use the best available products in the spas and salons and import many of these to the island.  We have many vegan friendly and cruelty free products. Plus our Glo therapists and technicians have had special training in hygiene, avante-garde techniques and sanitation.  

How many weddings would the Glo Glam Squad do per year? Do you have multiple teams?

Last year in 2018, we were involved with over 150 weddings all over the island.  Our team is growing and we are blessed with so many incredibly talented team members.  We have a strong passionate team who work so well together and can create and recreate any look that a bride wants from boho to formal to soft and romantic.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about Glo Day Spa?

We are on the lookout for our next location in Bali, so stay tuned!

And finally, what would be your ultimate favourite package at Glo Day Spa for Bali brides?

We love our it’s ALL ABOUT ME package that provides our all-time-fave traditional cream bath and manicure and pedicure at the same time! You might want to top it off with a blow wave and a glass of wine and bring your bestie too!


Glo Day Spa

Image via Terralogical

You can contact Glo Day Spa directly via our The Bali Bride directory here!

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