How To Get Married in Bali - The Ultimate Guide to Bali Weddings

How To Get Married in Bali – The Ultimate Guide to Bali Weddings

Welcome to The Bali Bride’s Step by Step Wedding Guide! This blog will show you (just) how to get married in Bali.

Congratulations you’re engaged (woo hoo!) and you’ve found your Bali Wedding BFF too, so time to celebrate! Thank you for choosing our blog as your trusted resource for all things wedding related on your Bali wedding journey. (We’re going to have so much fun!).

We understand that planning a Bali wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, and it is our mission to provide you with the guidance and inspiration you need to create the Bali wedding of your dreams. Your style, your way.

Bali, known as the “Island of the Gods,” is a tropical paradise that boasts breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. It’s no wonder that it has become a popular destination for couples seeking a truly magical wedding experience. Whether you envision an intimate beach ceremony, a luxurious resort affair, or a traditional Balinese celebration, Bali offers endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.

At The Bali Bride our Step by Step Wedding Guide – How to Get Married in Bali contains a wealth of knowledge, tips, and ideas to assist you at every stage of your wedding planning journey. We’ve sourced Bali’s very best wedding vendors, villas and venues so you don’t have to.

We are here to be your trusted friends (let’s call us self-appointed, additional members of your bridal party, ha ha) throughout your journey.

Welcome to The Bali Bride, where your dream wedding planning begins to take shape amidst the beauty of Bali. Let’s make your special day an unforgettable celebration of love and joy!

Let’s begin your epic Bali wedding journey below!

12 months out – Get Organised

Choose your non-negotiables. It’s time to sit down with your partner and share what is important to you on your big day. These two pictures can look very different so it’s best to talk it out. Ask yourselves… What HAS to happen on your day? What do you HAVE to have? What does your BUDGET look like? Villa or Resort, Cocktail party or Sit-down reception, Fireworks or fire-twirlers, etc.

⬥ Choose your Bali wedding date. Discuss your potential dates with key people in your family and friends circle to make sure they can make it too.

⬥ Set a rough estimate of your budget, write it down, and work out how you’re going to get there.

Tip: Remember to add all amounts into our free wedding budget below to stay on track. Follow these steps to make your very own copy.

How to use the The Bali Bride wedding budget

Step 1 – Head to file (top left corner) & make a copy. It should no longer be owned by us. Remove the version owned by us in your Google Docs list.

Step 2 – Download the Google Docs App so you can access it at any time.

Step 3 – Add your partner via the share button in the top right corner.

Step 4 – Update this budget as you go, it will automatically save.

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Who’s coming, write the first draft of your guest list.

  • Invite your girl gang and boys club to stand beside you on your big day (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girls & Page Boys).
  • Let’s talk about the theme & colours, time to peruse THE BALI BRIDE WEBSITE!
  • Create a Pinterest account and start PINNING! 

Tip – Did you know you can pin to your PINTEREST direct from our website? The inspiration is endless.

EXPLORE PINTEREST 111 months out – Must Haves

⬥  Find your WEDDING VENUE. Work out what you need for your bridal party, family, friends and to accommodate the wedding.

Things to note:

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • How many need to sleep in the villa/resort?
  • Location for pre-wedding event
  • Location for ceremony
  • Location for reception
  • Location for a recovery party
  • Try not to stress out (the overwhelm is REAL!) and do your research. It is a big part of the day, but you WILL decide on a beauty and on the day it WILL be right. Put some confidence in yourself and communicate with each other on what’s important to you both – for your venue.



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⬥ Start connecting with WEDDING PLANNERS, spend a few days/weeks enquiring an

d talk-with-them. You can speak to them via WhatsApp (very common in Bali) and make a decision based on how you feel talking with them by the way they communicate with you. This is a great indication of how they will be throughout the whole journey.



⬥ Choose and book your DECOR & STYLING. Some wedding planners in Bali are stylists as well so work out what they can do for you. It can mean one less person to deal with if they wear two hats.

Otherwise, Bali has some of the best stylists you’ve ever seen. Take your time when choosing your style and decor, this can make your entire day. If you haven’t started it yet, start pinning to your Pinterest board so that you can bring everything together for your vendor and see how it looks. Don’t forget you can pin straight from our site.

EXPLORE DECOR STYLING 1⬥ Book your FURNITURE. This not only plays a big part in the overall look of your day but the comfort for you and your guests. This was so important to us as a couple, we booked this before anything else (we know, we totally broke our own rules, ha ha) Decide on your chairs, tables, cocktail furniture, bar & accessories. We added peacock chairs for the bride and groom at the reception and it took our whole look to the next level. We also used the same chairs from our ceremony for the reception (to save budget).EXPLORE WEDDING FURNITURE 1

4 2

⬥ CATERING, our favourite part!! The menu will bring your guests together in celebration so the food at your wedding should be tasty and exciting. Choose to give them an Indonesian experience or one of the many other delicious cuisines available. Bali does so many of them so well. If you can manage a Bali trip prior to your big day book in a food tasting (or a couple)! You will not be disappointed.

EXPLORE CATERING 1⬥ Book your PHOTOGRAPHER! Get an idea of the style you want your photographs to be and work with a creative team that suits your style and theme!

TIP: Talk to your photographer over whether you should create a photography shot list.EXPLORE PHOTGRAPHY


⬥ Book your VIDEOGRAPHER. They will create the video you’ll watch over and over again with your family and friends. Especially a chance to watch your speeches again.

Tip: If a videographer is not within your budget, The Bali Bride offers a behind the scenes service to couples which captures the highlights of your special day (via iphone) delivered within a few days of your wedding. Interested? 

EXPLORE VIDEOGRAPHY 1⬥ Book your content creation (behind the scenes) for your wedding day. The Bali Bride works alongside your photographer and videographer to capture magic moments from your days created into reels and delivered within days of your wedding.

BEHIND THE SCENES2⬥ THE DRESS! Yes, the Dress! It’s time to look for your bridal gown, but we all know you’ve been looking for months (Shhh, our little secret). Make some appointments and start trying some on. Know your budget first so you don’t try on dresses you can’t afford; it only makes them harder to walk away from. Make a day of your try-on experience, invite family, friends and enjoy a glass of bubbles with the experience. Take the tissues. I guess it’s time to give the boys a mention, yes, it’s also time for the groom to start considering what he wants to look like as well as his Groomsmen.

EXPLORE BRIDAL GOWNS 1⬥ Update your budget!


1 1

10 months out – Detail Is Essential

⬥ Design and send your Save The Date. Once you’ve had something designed this can be done by mail or digitally via email, social media or a wedding website. Knowing the date well in advance can be handy for your guests when airlines go on sale, and they can secure discounted flights!

⬥ Create a spreadsheet with all of your guests’ details; Name, Phone, Address, Email, RSVP so that you can contact them easily when required. You’ll use these details multiple times throughout your journey. Very handy to access quickly when the airline sales go live.

⬥ Jump online and sign up to airline emailing lists to get access to flight sales first and draft a letter/email/text message to your guests to let them know flights are on sale. Believe me, it will save you time when it actually happens (and you have no time) and it will help your guests financially when they save hundreds of dollars on their flights. This could be the difference in some guests being able to attend.

⬥ Research your HAIR STYLIST and MAKEUP ARTIST and discuss your trial options and if they travel to you. Will they bring a team with them and who will be responsible for doing YOU.

⬥ Find a celebrant, your wedding planner can usually help with this or ask us (DM on Instagram)

⬥ THE DRESS, yes again. Research, try some more on and find THE ONE! It can take months for dresses to be made and delivered so give yourself enough time to create the one you want and receive it in time, particularly if you plan on losing weight.

⬥ Bridal Registry or Wishing Well – Start planning, but take into consideration when planning a destination wedding, some couples decide not to go ahead with a bridal registry or wishing well. This is due to guests traveling so far and spending big dollars to get there. A decision to be made between you and your partner. You might decide on something different. If you’re looking for a way to give back to the island of Bali, why not ask your guests to assist with a donation to a local charity in Bali.

9 months out – Getting Into The details.


⬥ Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories. Are they wearing the same dress or different styles? Colour? Style? Jewlery? Shoes? Start the research and have your bride tribe help you.

⬥ Wedding Rings – Shop for them or design and have them made.

⬥ Research & Book your FLORIST, Think about the aisle, the arbor, the bouquets, corsage and the dining and high bar tables. Are you importing flowers or using the beautiful local flowers? Keep in mind, your money will go a lot further using local flowers. EXPLORE FLORISTS 1⬥ Do you require transport? Double check with your venue. Many villas/resorts supply transport vehicles for you and your guests on your wedding day that are included in the price. Don’t forget to hire a Bali scooter for your photo Opp!

⬥ Design your invitations. You may choose to send an online invite; this can save you money and time and is a nice way to set the tone and style for your wedding. It also provides you an immediate RSVP from guests when they reply. Some people, (like us) couldn’t go past the idea of sending a physical invite in the mail. We had a lot of fun designing what would be the first touch point for our guests. Our guests then contacted us personally with their RSVP. Note: This process can take weeks sometimes months to complete, design and print.

⬥ I know you’re busy, but it’s really important you update your budget!

8 months out – Getting It Done!

⬥ Research accommodation for your guests. They will ask (they always do) and you will want to be prepared for this. Research villas and resorts that are close to your wedding venue in a different range of budgets. Some guests will want to be close to you for your events and some will want to do their own thing (especially if they’re experienced in Bali).

You can also give them an option to stay as a group in a nearby resort. It’s a great way for your guests to get to know each other before the big day and get access to a group rate (already arranged before they book). You can include these options with your invites or draft an email with all additional wedding information for guests.

Contact Group Rates Bali for more information regarding group bookings, transfers & experiences.


⬥ Start creating your wedding music playlists on Spotify, this can take a long time! Best to work on these over the next few months as you and your partner work out the songs you’d love to have as part of your day. Struggling to find what you’re looking for? Follow The Bali Bride on Spotify and use our playlists as a starting point.

Tip: When you hear a song while you’re out and about Shazam it and then add it immediately to your list. You can always remove it if you’re over it by your wedding day.

EXPLORE ENTERTAINMENT 1⬥ Remember to keep developing your style & decor and add to your Pinterest board. It will be a great resource to send to your wedding planner & stylist as you finalise the look of your day. Find inspo on The Bali Bride Pinterest!

⬥ Update your budget.

2 1

7 months out – You’re Making Progress!

⬥ Let them eat cake! Reach out to our WEDDING CAKE vendors on The Bali Bride Directory. But don’t forget to do your taste test on site in Bali, it was one of our absolute favourite meetings! Every flavour you can think of in one eating session! Simply reach out and request the flavours you’d like to try when you’re in town.

⬥ Finalise your guest list and send your invites. Don’t forget your wedding guests ACCOMMODATION options.

⬥ Find your bridesmaids dresses and accessories.

⬥ Wedding rings – Purchase them or have them made.

⬥ Welcome Party – Where will you bring your family and friends together to welcome them to Bali?

Things to note:

  • Location, clifftop, beachfront, jungle, etc.
  • Type of venue – Resort, villa, restaurant, beach bar, beach club, etc.
  • Food – Will you supply?
  • Drinks – Will you put on a bar tab, or will people buy their own?
  • Date – Make sure you leave enough time to recover before your wedding day.
  • How will you invite your guests?

⬥ Update your budget.

6 months out – No Turning Back Now!

⬥ Check your RSVP’s.

⬥ Talk to your guests about bringing in some duty free for you (if required).

⬥ Organise your entertainment for the wedding. Band, DJ, Fire-twirlers, Fireworks, Glow in the dark drummers, the list goes on! Another make or break part of your wedding day. We’ve got lots of fabulous recommendations. Get in touch via email or DM!

⬥ Contact your celebrant/priest/minister to discuss your ceremony. This is usually done by WhatsApp, Zoom or in person when in Bali. Get a feel for how your ceremony is going to go on the day. Also chat to your celebrant about dress code for the day.

⬥ Where are you staying the night of your wedding, you’ll just want to crash after such a huge day but make sure you’re happy with where you wake up on your first day together as husband and wife. Keep in mind this is usually different to the night before (when you may have been separated from your partner). 

⬥ Check your passport is up to date! It must be valid for a minimum of 6 months upon arrival. Don’t forget to remind your guests too! It is worth including this in your wedding details.

⬥ Start your skin-care routine and shredding for the wedding (if that’s what you’re into) – it can take a few months to see results (in your skin & body) and you want to look your best!

⬥ Recovery Party – Where will you bring your family and friends together to celebrate your first day as husband and wife. This is a great way to catch up with everyone after the BIG day.

  • Location, clifftop, beachfront, jungle, etc.
  • Type of venue – resort, villa, restaurant, beach bar, beach club, etc.
  • Food – This is usually a lot more relaxed that your wedding day. Think food carts, Babi guling, Taco bar, sandwich bar, charcuterie board.
  • Drinks – Can you order extra for your wedding day to use here? Beers around the pool is a vibe!
  • Date – Usually held the day after the wedding.
  • How will you invite your guests?

⬥ The Honeymoon. It’s time to start researching, you have some amazing neighbouring locations to Bali so you don’t have to travel far, or you can stay in Bali.

5 months out – Counting Down the Days!

⬥ Confirm your order for your WEDDING CAKE and flavours! Hmm Vanilla Caramel & Red Velvet are so delish!

⬥ Confirm HAIRSTYLIST and MAKE UP ARTIST booking, Arrange trial time and location. Make sure you take the Bali humidity into consideration, so many brides opt for their hair down in Hollywood curls. Think about how your hair might be after a few hours. opt for an up do after your bridal party photos.

Tip: Read our blog on the TOP 5 Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Bali Wedding

⬥ Create your photography brief for your PHOTOGRAPHER and prepare a shot list. This should be a really descriptive checklist including where the shot location is and who is in it.  This is so you don’t miss a photo with that special someone on the big day. The day moves so fast, so you don’t always have time for everything, but a small list is a great start to follow. Also keep in mind that its awesome to have someone to announce bringing your family together for their photos. An MC or the celebrant.

⬥ Now do the same for your VIDEOGRAPHER, they all need clear direction of what YOU want and what the end goal looks like. If you can show them something, you like even better.

⬥ Select Groom and Groomsmen outfits.

⬥ First Dance.  What will your first dance look like? Will you create a wow factor or dance heart to heart, it’s up to you! Book dance lessons if required.

⬥ Wedding favours. Your guests have come a long way to celebrate, wedding favours are a beautiful way to say thank you. But a handwritten card also goes a long way as a thank you as well. Purchase something in Bali as a keepsake for your guests, make something or write them a personalised note!

⬥ Request time off for your wedding and honeymoon. 

⬥ Update your budget!

4 months out – Things Are Taking Shape!

⬥ Double check your RSVP’s, emails and text messages and send a reminder email for any outstanding. This will go on for months due to international travel. It’s not an easy, quick decision for your guests, as much as they want it to be.

⬥ Arrange vaccinations required for travel, best to double check this with your doctor. This will be different for everyone.

⬥ Book your HONEYMOON. Why not stay in Bali and head up to the clifftops of Uluwatu or the rainforest in Ubud.

⬥ Choose your date for your bridal shower, hen’s and buck’s nights. And allow a few weeks till the wedding. If you are having them in Bali, allow enough time to re-group, they can be so BIG and so Fun!

⬥ Check in with your skin-care regime and your get fit, feel strong plans….

⬥ Find your MC!

⬥ Ask the people you’d like to make speeches at your wedding

⬥ Update your budget!

3 1

3 months out – It’s Getting Real!

⬥ You have been working tirelessly so it’s time for some self-care, go and get a massage!

You’ve earned it. Planning a wedding can be hard work, hopefully we’ve kept it pretty stress free so far.

⬥ Remind your guests that they need 6 months validity on their passports to enter Bali.

⬥ Create some Spotify playlists for your trip and big day. Have a look at The Bali Bride playlists for some epic music and inspiration.

⬥Email guests about bringing some duty free for you (if required) – this can be a great way to have some bottles of spirits bought to Bali for you to be used at your wedding bar on the big day or recovery party. It is also a great opportunity to bring some nice bottles of wine and champagne for your big day. This can help your budget in a big way!

⬥ Design all of your stationery, if doing yourself we suggest using Canva or contracting a freelance graphic artist through online programs such as Fiverr.

Tick off the following:

  • place cards
  • food menus
  • bar menus
  • thank you cards
  • welcome sign
  • venue sign
  • seating chart

⬥ If you require The Bali Bride to shoot your Behind-the-Scenes wedding content, please contact us now on www.thebalibride.com or DM us!

⬥ Update your budget!

2 months out – Nearly Showtime!

⬥ Draft run sheet for your wedding day.

Some special things to note:

  • Sunset times for your ceremony and bridal party photos
  • Banjar times for fireworks & loud music
  • Guests’ arrival, ceremony start time.
  • Photo locations and travel time
  • Announcement of the bridal party
  • Speeches
  • First dance

⬥ Purchase bridal party gifts. 

Tip: Make these something that can be used on your day, jewelry, lipstick, clutch, etc.

⬥  Choose ceremony and reception music. Write down your must-have songs and place them in the right section for the day. Your dinner music is going to be different from your music. Check out The Bali Bride wedding playlist download!

You will need the following:

  • Pre-ceremony
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Signing the registry
  • First announcement of Mr. & Mrs. (walk back up the aisle)
  • Cocktail Hour 
  • Bridal Party announcement
  • Dinner Party
  • First Dance
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Dancefloor – Party Time!

⬥  Review your final plans with your florist. Things can change in the way of what’s available and you may have changed your styling over the past few months.

⬥  Finalise your bite size catering, choose your food carts or main menu, there is nothing worse than a wedding without enough food (or very little). Always go for more over less! People always remember the food!

⬥ Arrange seating plans. (And grab a bottle of wine to do so, it can take hours!) While you’re at it, order your table seating cards or make some!

⬥  Plan your bridal shower, hen’s and buck’s nights – or check in with your tribe putting the party together and ask if there is anything you can do? They usually don’t want you involved, but hey, it’s nice to ask.

⬥ Confirm your trial for hair and make-up.

⬥ Book your final hair appointment for two weeks out from your wedding day.

⬥ Update your budget!

1 month out – The Home Stretch! 

⬥ Purchase lingerie, or undergarment pieces for your big day.

⬥ Allocate people to bring duty free items and email them what to bring if required. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of this!

⬥ Count your RSVPs received and send a last-minute email for any that you haven’t received.

⬥ Confirm wedding schedule (Travel itinerary & flights, 3-day event schedule & on the day run sheet).

⬥ Discuss requirements with MC for the reception and provide run sheet and any direction.

⬥ Book your beauty sessions 1-2 days before the wedding (spray tans & nails).

⬥ Purchase a guest book for reception, you’ll cherish these messages FOREVER!

⬥ Finalise shot list with photographer and email them a copy. Print a copy for the day.

⬥ Confirm ALL bookings

⬥ Create final run sheet for your wedding day.

Some special things to note:

  • Sunset times for your ceremony and bridal party photos
  • Banjar times for fireworks & loud music
  • Guests’ arrival, ceremony start time.
  • Photo locations and travel time
  • Announcement of the bridal party
  • Speeches
  • First dance

⬥ Update your budget!

2 Weeks out – The Finishing Touches and A Bit of Fun!

⬥ Have your final hair appointment this is the best time to dye your hair for your wedding day. Be really clear with your hairdresser about what you want. Once the hair is cut, you can’t get it back for your big day. It is 2 weeks away!

⬥ Enjoy your Hen’s, Buck’s, and Bridal Shower celebrations! Don’t forget to take pics, we would love to see them! Tag #thebalibride

⬥ Pick up your wedding dress

⬥ Write your vows

⬥ Pick up and wrap Bridal Party gifts. Write them a beautiful card to go with it.

⬥ Start packing your bags! Pack your passports & dress!

⬥ Provide wedding planner, caterer & venue with final numbers (If things change, keep them updated).

⬥ Write your wedding speeches.

⬥ Pick up your wedding rings, don’t forget to pack them!

⬥ Confirm all details with vendors.

⬥ Confirm all details with guests via email. Wedding Day, Welcome & Recovery Party details. Encourage them to ask any final questions they need answered BEFORE their Trip.

⬥ Finalise run sheet. Keep it available to edit. 

A lot of things can change in the final two weeks and you want to keep your run sheet updated for everyone. Send a copy to your wedding planner, remind them that this may not be the final copy if something changes. They should also have their own version of a run sheet.

⬥ Double check plane tickets and accommodation details. Have you booked Entertainment and food for the flight?

⬥ Book your airport transfers.

💍 Update your budget, this will be close to your final update

2 Days out – It’s Showtime

⬥ Schedule a meeting with your wedding planner to check in and go over EVERYTHING!

⬥ If you are getting legally married in Bali, you will need to attend your local embassy for the legal side of things.

⬥ Attend wedding rehearsal (Take a copy of your run sheet, vows & speeches)

⬥ Get your manicure, pedicure, spray tan etc.

⬥ Spend some much-needed time with your partner, family and friends! It’s finally here and we hope you have the BEST DAY EVER!

⬥ Tip: Don’t forget to @TheBaliBride

You Did It, Congrats! – How Was Your Special Day?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We hope it was your best day ever! We can’t wait to see it.

⬥ (Next Day) Update your Facebook & Instagram Profile, you are now MARRIED! Change your name! (If you are..)

⬥ (If booked) Share your Behind-the-Scenes social media reel which will be supplied by The Bali Bride the following day. The Bali Bride will deliver this to you, so it is fresh for celebration at the recovery party.

⬥ ENJOY your Recovery Party and reminisce on your BEST DAY EVER!

⬥Chill out, relax and have fun in married life, it’s honeymoon time!

⬥ Mail your thank you cards (or send a message or email) within 8 weeks of returning from your honeymoon.

⬥ Send thankyou cards/emails to all vendors & venue

⬥ Once you’ve have received your photos, submit your wedding via our website for The Bali Bride Real Weddings section.

⬥ Contact appropriate authorities if you are changing your name. Bank cards, health cards and your passport.

⬥ Happy Married Life Lovers, may your future be filled with so much happiness and thank you for trusting The Bali Bride!!!!

⬥ Feedback is a gift, The Bali Bride would love to hear from you about your journey. The Bali Bride also showcases real weddings so if this is something you would like to explore please make mention of this in the feedback form below! Enjoy life as a married couple!


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