The Bespoke Collection by Anna Campbell

The Bespoke Collection by Anna Campbell

“B E S P O K E”


To celebrate Anna Campbell Bridal’s 17th birthday, the iconic brand is launching their latest collection “Bespoke”.

The Bespoke collection sees a return to modern bridal opulence. Designed with boundless imagination and limitless dreams, the collection personifies the very essence and soul of Anna Campbell–wildly romantic and luxuriously shimmering gowns for the modern bride.

The show-stopping collection reimagines the brand’s signature timeless elegance and unique hand detailing while honouring the brand’s most beloved and iconic designs of the past.

Designed in Melbourne, each gown’s creation starts with signature hand embellishments, then is carefully cut and constructed in our Melbourne studio by a small team of artisans.“There was no holding back when designing this range–I went in with the ethos that if it was dreamable, it was creatable. Most collections are designed with a mix of simplistic minimal pieces through to one or two more detailed showstoppers, which were always my favourite pieces to design.

Each piece in this collection is a showstopper and seeing them come to life has been so enchanting!” said Anna.“With each gown in this collection, we’re bringing to life the beauty and magic that Anna Campbell has become synonymous with.”

Brides can discover the shimmering beauty of the Bespoke collection and experience the magic of Anna Campbell from March 20th. Gowns will be priced from AU $6,599 to $8,999 excluding tailoring.


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