5 Wedding Songs You Would Never Have Thought Of

5 Wedding Songs You Would Never Have Thought Of

“Music is the best way for me to say I love you” – Mireille Mathieu

We are excited to share this blog all the way from the UK because you know we are all about music when it comes to weddings (especially when sipping on cocktails and taking in the Bali Sunsets). We invited Melony from Truly Experiences in the UK (Yes, we adore our UK brides!) to share 5 songs you would never have thought of for your wedding song. Truly Experiences is a leading provider of romantic experiences when it comes to the Wedding Industry. You can find amazing tips for wedding anniversary gifts, wedding planning & even celebrating wedding anniversaries! Over to you Melony…


Planning a destination wedding in Bali is no walk in the park. (But you can make it easier on yourself with our Bali Wedding Guide)

There are all sorts of important decisions to make, like what décor or theme to go for, what to serve at the reception, who to invite and where to seat them so that there aren’t any awkward family squabbles.

With so much else taking up couples’ time and attention, it’s understandable that many don’t put much thought into choosing their wedding song. And that’s when it’s all the more tempting to fall back on one of the usual suspects.

For some Bali brides and grooms, the song is an obvious choice because it may be the first song they danced to as a couple. Not every couple has one of those songs, and they also don’t want to choose something that has been played to death at thousands of other nuptial celebrations.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for your destination wedding in Bali, we’re happy to offer a few pointers for choosing the right music and suggest 5 wedding songs you would never have thought of.


5 Wedding Songs You Would Never Have Thought Of - Silver Lace Weddings 

Silver Lace Weddings

Points To Consider

Your wedding song isn’t just something to open the dancefloor. It’s part of the celebration of the loving commitment you and your partner are making to one another.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision other than the themes expressed in the song. For starters, the track you choose probably will evoke memories of your Bali wedding day for the rest of your life, so choose something that won’t make you cringe with embarrassment a few years down the line. Rather go for music that will still bring a smile to your faces and put a spring in your step. Even better, it should make you want to grab your partner on your first wedding anniversary and dance to it all over again.

Secondly, remember that you will have guests at the reception, so your choice should not be something that’s going to give them a headache or, worse, alienate them. As much as it’s your song as a couple, the aim of the music is to help set the mood for a truly sociable part of the event, not give your guests memories you probably wouldn’t want them to have. You don’t want them telling people that the event was “generally lovely until it came to THAT song. What were they thinking?!”


5 Wedding Songs You Would Never Have Thought Of - Bali VIP wedding 

Bali VIP Weddings

Music To Avoid

Before we get to the 5 wedding songs you’ve never even thought of, let’s take a look at some music that is not appropriate.

For example, to the casual listener, the Police’s Every Breath You Take may seem like it’s all about commitment. In a way, it is, but it’s not the sort of commitment you want. The song is about a stalker. To some couple, Kix’s Don’t Close Your Eyes may be appealing, but the song’s about suicide. Don’t play it at your wedding. Billie Eilish may be hot right now, and her song I Love You may have an appealing title, but it’s all about a break-up. Not really a theme that’s appropriate for a Bali bride on her big day!

In addition to songs with inappropriate themes or lyrics, you’ll also want to avoid songs with an extended playing time. The average pop song is between three and four minutes long. Anything longer than that and you risk making your guests feel tired and bored – not a good idea when it’s the song that is supposed to open the dancefloor.


5 Wedding Songs You Would Never Have Thought Of - The Bali Bride

The Bali Bride

5 Unusual (But Still Romantic) Wedding Songs

This song is slow, lush, and impassioned, and the swelling strings that accompany the lyrics, “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you” make it a perfect choice for your first dance as a married couple. Just imagine holding one another close, looking into each other’s eyes, as Lana sings, “Heaven is a place on earth with you”. It will give you and your guests goosebumps for all the right reasons.

This beloved melody by the famous English singer-songwriter bursts with loving vibes, which are the kind you want at your Bali wedding. The track has a real theatrical feel to it and features beautiful lyrics that are loaded with meaning. There’s a good chance that you, your partner, and your guests will sing along to lines such as, “I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

If pure romance in musical form is what you’re after, this is it. The tempo is perfect for a couple’s first dance, the instrumentation is unobtrusive, and the theme of the song makes you think it could have been written for a wedding. It’s all about the moment in which Alicia fell in love, and it’s gorgeous.

As far as wedding songs go, this choice might be more on the unusual side. But it’s upbeat tempo will get toes tapping while you, your partner, and your guests smile from ear to ear. With lyrics like, “You’re my sunshine and I want you to know… I really love you,” it’s a perfect choice.

While this song does get played at some weddings, it’s not often the wedding song – and that’s a crying shame! Nina’s 1957 version of the song composed by Walter Donaldson with lyrics by Gus Kahn expresses beautiful sentiments. It’s intimate, thoroughly danceable and features the legendary singer’s hot chocolatey voice. If you haven’t considered it for your wedding song, it’s high time you did.


If you’re still undecided or haven’t found quite what you’re looking for, have a look at The Bali Bride’s wedding playlists’ on Spotify for some other great ideas. Take a listen and let us know when you find that perfect song for your dream Bali wedding.

Now I’ve just got one question for you – are you ready to dance?


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