4 Simple Tips to Help You Find Your Wedding Style! | Bali Wedding Planning Tips

4 Simple Tips to Help You Find Your Wedding Style! | Bali Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding day will be a huge milestone moment for you and your partner, and one of the most special events you’ll share together throughout your entire life. So, it should ultimately feel like “you” and be filled with the things you both love!

Narrowing down your wedding style or theme is one of the first things you’ll want to tick off your to-do list… but with so much inspiration out there, finding your style can often be easier said than done!

One way you can ensure your wedding celebrations fit you to an absolute tee is to spend some time getting crystal clear on your vision for the day, and finding the perfect inspiration to reflect this. Looking for Bali wedding planning tips? We reached out to talented floral stylist Janine from Bloomz for her expert advice on finding your wedding style, sourcing inspiration and working with local suppliers – keep reading for some simple tips to get you started.

How to Find Your Wedding Style! Bali Wedding Styling Tips from The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory
Images by Inibudi Bali / Styling, Decor & Florals by Bloomz Flowers Bali / Calligraphy by Wonderland / Venue at Samsara Ubud / Tableware by Semeja

  1. Create a theme based on things you love

When we say theme, we’re really talking about the overall “vibe” of your day – how do you want it to look and feel? Getting clear on an overall theme or style will make the rest of your wedding planning much easier, and help you communicate ideas with your suppliers moving forward.

So how is this actually done?

The first step is to think about the things you both genuinely love, the things that make you happy! Think about elements like colours, food, drinks, flowers, music, activities and more. You can also draw inspiration from your personalities, your wardrobe, your home interiors, your personal style, and the things you like to do together as a couple. Once you’ve done this, think about how you can create a cohesive wedding “theme” that will reflect all of the above.

For example: are you guys full of fun and adventure, love bright colours, and have a passion for cocktails? Maybe a tropical-inspired outdoor wedding filled with bold colours, fun signage and a killer drinks list will be the best fit for you.

Or, maybe you’re a more low-key couple who simply love sharing a good meal with friends and family, appreciate the finer details, and want to create a classic, romantic vibe for your day. In this case, perhaps an intimate long table dinner filled with beautiful white blooms, glowing candles and luxe decor would be your ideal day.

As a wedding and event planner, Janine from Bloomz tells us her favourite part of creating each wedding is the floral details. She explains:

“All flowers tell a story, of the earth, the sun & the rain.…memories, passions, stories of grace and the joys of life. I am passionate about flowers, grasses, seedpods, branches and brambles. What they represent are gifts from nature, their strength and beauty, with us for just a short time. This is why we have them with us on the special days of our lives.

I am passionate about how flowers can transform a room, a venue, and the landscape.  They can elevate what and how you feel. I love flowers, and I love working with brides and grooms creating a wonder world of joy and beauty for them!

Creating a personal style for your story together can be fun You can do this with furnishings, accessories and lighting – it’s a great way to step into the future together.

If you are passionate about your flowers and your décor, make sure you have personal contact with your chosen designer yourself, either via email, Skype or a meeting when in Bali. Second-hand information via your wedding planner may not get you the results you want, no matter how good your planner is.”

How to Find Your Wedding Style! Bali Wedding Styling Tips from The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

  1. Find inspiration that speaks to you

Once you have a general idea on how you’d love your day to look and feel, the next step will be finding relevant inspiration that will help you communicate this vision to your suppliers. Two of the best sources of visual wedding inspiration (as you are probably all-too-familiar with!) are Pinterest and Instagram.

Create a dedicated wedding board on Pinterest, start a new saved folder on Instagram, and spend some time browsing through wedding blogs and social media feeds that are aligned with your wedding style – then, start saving images, ideas and inspiration that really speak to you and complement your wedding vision. You can also pin your favourite images directly from our Real Wedding galleries, blog posts, and directory listings.

Once you’ve done this, take some time to curate your absolute favourite ideas into one clear vision board or Pinterest board – this will become your overall concept for the day, and you can easily see how your ideas will actually work together.

When it comes to Pinterest, Janine suggests: Use Pinterest as a point of reference only to inspire and help. It’s a great tool to convey long distance the feeling and general mood you would like to have. But beware of overdoing it and having your wedding look like a hodgepodge of other people’s weddings! A good décor stylist will know how to edit your inspiration board so this doesn’t happen”

How to Find Your Wedding Style! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

  1. Look locally for inspiration

While there’s nothing wrong with scouring ideas from across the globe, it’s also important to be realistic and think about what can be achieved at your desired wedding venue or destination. This is why we recommend connecting with local wedding blogs and Instagram accounts that are relevant to your actual wedding location, so you can find real inspiration from recent weddings and events.

For example, if you’re planning a Bali wedding, our The Bali Bride Instagram feed and “Real Wedding” blog posts are filled with images from recent Bali weddings – so you can see the work of Bali wedding vendors you could actually book for your big day, or check out some Bali wedding venues in a real-life styled setting (stay tuned for our new venue section landing soon!). Sourcing inspiration locally will give you a true sense of what can be achieved at your dream wedding destination, and will also help you research and book your suppliers for the big day.

When it comes to your blooms, sourcing flowers locally is also important to support the Balinese producers. Janine explains: “Even if budget is not an issue, request locally grown flowers whenever possible. They are less expensive and also support the farmers and livelihoods of the Indonesian people. In the hands of a good designer, most flowers can be made to look fabulous! Some flowers are just not available here, and if you absolutely must have…..use imported.”

How to Find Your Wedding Style! The Bali Bride, Bali Wedding Directory

  1. Remember your priorities

One final tip – it’s easy to get caught up in wedding styling and be distracted by all of the pretty things, but don’t forget to stay focused on what really matters! Once you’ve defined your overall wedding style, make a note of your top 3 priorities for the day. Then, keep referring back to your priority list whenever you start to feel overwhelmed with the wedding planning as a reminder of what’s important.

A big thanks to Janine from Bloomz for her expert Bali wedding planning tips. Connect with Bloomz via our Bali Wedding Directory right here.

Ready to get started? Hop on over to our The Bali Bride Instagram Feed, check out our latest Real Bali Weddings on the blog, or find our latest wedding styling inspiration on Pinterest. We can’t wait to help you plan the perfect Bali wedding!

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