Iselin and Morten's Clifftop Bali Wedding

Iselin and Morten’s Clifftop Bali Wedding

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After meeting at a music festival in Southern Norway, Iselin and Morten decided to keep dancing forever and planned to host their elegant and tropical Bali wedding on the clifftop of Uluwatu at Villa Pemutih.

Designed around an elegant colour palette by wedding planner Tash from Plan A  in conjunction with the fabulous wedding decor of  Bali Event Hire , every element from this dreamy Bali wedding worked perfectly together to set the scene for a memorable day. Celebrations kicked off with a sweet outdoor ceremony complete with a magic floral arbour by Sandat Floral and iconic bukit ocean views.

And take a look at the stunning women made all the more beautiful on the day with hair and make up from Trove Artistry.

If you’re currently looking for Bali wedding inspiration, get your Pinterest button ready because Iselin and Morten’s fairytale wedding is the stuff of our dreams!

Check out the gorgeous happenings of Iselin and Morten below along with their beautiful words of wisdom.


How we met:

We met at a music festival on the beach in southern Norway. We ended up dancing the night away and haven’t left each other’s side since then, 8 years ago

The proposal:

We love traveling, so Morten wanted to propose in a spectacular location while traveling. There was a brief travel window during the initial COVID summer so we traveled to Iceland. The perfect opportunity with a stunning landscape so we could get a picture of the proposal.

Turns out most of the spectacular places he had planned were total tourist traps with 100s of people, fenced-in viewpoints, and impossible to get a good picture.

The engagement ring was starting to burn in his pocket.

Finally, we reached a beautiful black sand beach on the southeast coast of Iceland. Completely alone, with the spectacular mountains mirroring the water over the black beach.

We set up a camera to take some Instagram photos like we usually do.

Suddenly Morten was starting to shake, and Iselin asked him: “Why are you nervous about taking photos? There’s no one around”

“That’s not what I’m nervous about,” he said and went down on one knee in the water.

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The Details…

Wedding date: September 15th, 2022

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Villa Pemutih

Wedding Reception Venue: Villa Pemutih

Total Guests: 30

Our style/Inspiration: Inspiration through Pinterest. Romantic/ elegant.

Who we couldn’t have done it without: Tash from Plan A!!

Advice for future Bali Brides: If you are considering getting married in Bali, JUST DO IT! Haha and don’t pick a dress that’s too hot. Light fabrics. Hair and makeup are everything. Make sure to order a makeup touch-up before the photos because you’re going to cry & sweat a lot during the ceremony.

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Our Wedding Day… 

Our wedding day was like a dream! Everything was perfect (even the weather, thank god for some clouds, it was HOT). Villa Pemutih is an incredible villa, located on the clifftops in Uluwatu, with a direct view down to the Impossibles surf break. We wanted the traditional tropical style for our wedding venue so this was the perfect choice for us!

The decorations turned out to be absolutely stunning!

The day started with having the make-up team coming in early to get the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers ready.

The wedding planners from Plan A arrived and helped us get ready explaining how things would happen.

45 minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive it started to rain a little bit (September is shoulder season between wet and dry season). The groom was really nervous as we didn’t have any backup plan if it rained, but the rain priest worked and it cleared up just as the guests arrived

The guests arrived and the groom and groomsmen greeted them in the backyard. Time flies by very quickly on your wedding day, and suddenly the groom was ushered up to the ceremony and the guests finally got to see the venue. Beautiful flower decorations and a stunning Wedding Arch, with a panorama view over the ocean

 Que the song “Until I found you – piano version” – Stephen Sanchez and the bride came walking down the aisle. The bride looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle, led by her mother.  

The celebrant held a beautiful speech, and we gave each other our YES! It was like a dream

After the ceremony, it’s time for photos, and the photographer Josh from Allumë Weddings did a great job!

Cocktail hour started for the other guests, with live music from Lucky Aces. They were excellent. Drinks and branded coconuts were served to the guests in the meantime! We re-entered the wedding after the photos for a champagne tower (highly recommended)

A delicious 3-course dinner had been prepared and was served, and it was time for speeches. Lots of beautiful speeches, many tears, and laughter were shared. It was incredible having our closest friends and family come all the way from Norway to Bali to celebrate us!

We had pushed the wedding a bit early to have enough time for a party after dinner, so when the speeches were done, it was time for the first dance to “Your Song” by Elton John. At the end of the dance, pyro started going off all around and the DJ turned on the party music. All of the guests joined us on the dancefloor and the party officially started!

We had an exceptional time the rest of the evening dancing and celebrating and even ended up in the pool in the end (Is it really a Bali wedding if the bride doesn’t end up in the pool in the wedding dress?) But you’re not getting those photos

All in all, it was the perfect day, exactly like we had dreamed of!

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Wedding Planner/Stylist: Plan A

Décor/Furniture: Bali Event Hire

Flowers/Florist: Sandat Floral

Hair & Make-up: Trove Artistry Bali

Photography: Allume Weddings Bali

Videography: Flip Max Video

Celebrant: Fian Girsang

Catering: Bali Good Food Catering

Cake/Dessert: Butter Bali


Entertainment: Lucky Aces, DJ Mistral

Wedding Songs: 

Aisle: Until I found you (Piano version)- Stephen Sanchez

Walking out after ceremony: Sigala – Sweet Lovin

First Dance: Elton John – Your song

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The Bridal Party Details… (Design & Description)

Bride’s Dress: Savin London

Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: MESSAGE

Bridesmaids’ Shoes: Zara

Groom’s Attire & Shoes: Skabo made to measure

Jewellery: Pearl Octopussy. Norwegian jewelry brand.


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Honeymoon Details:

We are actually still on our honeymoon 5 months after the wedding!!

Iselin said a 9 month honeymoon traveling around the world was completely normal, and Morten believed her.

As our guests traveled back to Norway, we continued on our route around the world.



️✅French Polynesia / Bora Bora (the REAL honeymoon part)



️✅Costa Rica

️✅Thailand (we are currently here)


️✅Indonesia (Sumba + Raja Ampat)


️✅South Africa



You can follow our honeymoon on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iselinbratberg/ and https://www.instagram.com/mortenmoi/ 


Where did you find your styling inspiration for your Bali wedding?

Pinterest!! The one and only place. So much great inspiration. You can find it all there. My typical search words: tropical wedding, elegant, white flowers, etc.


What was the hardest part about planning a destination wedding?

The uncertainty around COVID and quarantine rules. We had to postpone for 1 year already and it was nerve-wracking if Bali would open its borders and remove quarantine rules in time.

This made arranging and helping all guests 10x more time consuming

Also, not being able to see the venue was a bit scary


Why did you choose Bali as your wedding destination?

We stayed in Bali for one month in 2018 and completely fell in love with the island. When Morten proposed there were no questions about where the wedding should take place.


How did you stay organized while planning a destination wedding?

Excel sheets, excel sheets, and Excel sheets. Thankfully Tash from Plan A Weddings was very good at helping us move forward and keeping track of everything.


$30-35k USD

(Excluding rings, wedding dresses, suits, and shoes..)


Congrats to Iselin and Morten on a beautiful fairytale Bali Wedding! Click below to see all of the photos from the day!

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