Alexa and Jake's Luxe White Wedding at Noku Beach House in Seminyak

Alexa and Jake’s Luxe White Wedding at Noku Beach House in Seminyak

A Luxe White Bali Wedding at Noku Beach House in Seminyak | The Bali Bride Wedding Directory

Alexa and Jake describe themselves as polar opposites, but with a shared love for travelling, laughter, and adventure. For them, a Bali wedding was the perfect opportunity to throw a week-long destination party to remember with their closest bunch of friends and family. These two were the first to get hitched at one of our favourite new venues Noku Beach House in Seminyak, and their intimate celebration was absolutely perfect from beginning to end.

Working closely with Bali Happy Events, this elegant Bali wedding was filled with luxe styling details and meaningful touches that reflected Alexa and Jake to a tee – from their unique bridal party (featuring a bridesman, ring security and “mum of honour”) right down to their decision to scrap the seating chart and formal photos. The end result? A completely personalised day that allowed Alexa and Jake to soak up every precious moment with their favourite group of people.

From their oceanfront ceremony to their candlelit reception, we think you’ll agree these guys (and their stellar team of suppliers) did an incredible job designing their Bali celebration. We’ve fallen head over heels for all of the impeccable styling details, created with a dreamy colour palette of crisp whites, soft pastels and luxe metallics.

The stunning surroundings of Noku Beach House were brought to life with cherry blossom trees, crystal chandeliers and a selection of modern wire furniture from the Bali Event Hire range. Guests enjoyed an unforgettable night of fun and festivities under the stars, complete with fire dancers, light-up letters and an impromptu pool party. Pure magic!

Check out all of the beautiful styling details from Alexa and Jake’s dreamy Bali wedding below, captured by the team at Axioo. The newlyweds also share some seriously wise words of advice on planning a destination wedding from abroad, involving your guests, and the importance of creating a personal day that reflects your own unique style and personality.

About us:

Jake is a nutritionist and owns his own business called Metalab. Jake has the best energy and practices a balanced lifestyle. He helps people with their eating and training programs. I am an attorney and am currently working as an in house legal advisor.

We could not be more different. I guess its true, opposites attract. We are both super independent. It works because we are each others greatest fans and biggest supporters. I love that we are so different. My dad always says “If two people are the same, one of them would be unnecessary.”

How we met:

On a random evening we met by coincidence. Jake said he dreamt that night that he would marry me one day. All our friends were dating. Jake asked me to sushi which turned into 7 years of theme parks, hikes, movies, music, gyming, traveling… but most of all we’ve kept each other laughing and life together became an adventure.

The proposal:

One afternoon, Jake hired a helicopter and took me to lunch. He pretended he won a ticket for two to a romantic brunch spot. He told me loved me and our adventure he wanted us to last forever. Obviously I said “YESSS!”.

Wedding date: 14 April 2019

Wedding venue: Noku Beach House in Seminyak. I was very excited to be their first ever bride.  

Total Guests: 75

Our style/inspiration:

My mom, Karen Schmidt, is my inspiration in all things. She has a very unique taste and she put her heart and soul into designing and styling every element of our perfect day. At home, every party she throws has a very unique and different style. This was her biggest achievement to do it from so far. We wanted everything to be unique and we aimed to personalize EVERYTHING.

We spent hours doing mood boards. Instagram and Pinterest were our most loved tools.

Advice for Bali Brides:

  1. Do a destination wedding – we had a whole week of celebrating instead of just one day, and everyone that was there truly wanted to be there.
  2. Involve everyone – the more involved your guests are the better the build up. Everyone participated on the day because they’d all been a part of bringing it to fruition.
  3. Do you – pick the traditions you like, and abandon the ones that don’t suit your style. I wanted a party. So I didn’t assign seating or have a specific dinner time. Dancing started right after the ceremony. It was a thousand degrees so everyone jumped in the pool. I refused to do hours of formal photos because I wanted those in the moment memories and didn’t want to waste time posing. I had a bridesman and ring security because I wanted boys in my bridal party. I had a MOM of honour instead of a maid of honour because my mom is my best friend and she planned EVERYTHING!
  4. Your tribe follows your vibe – be the first on the dance floor, be happy, be you. Everyone plays and picks up on your energy.  
  5. Make sure you have someone running your day for you – by far the biggest contributor to how relaxed and present Jake and I were on our wedding day was our wedding planner Grace.
  6. Soak it all in – Jake and I are playing for keeps so I kept reminding myself “you only get to do this once”. The day goes by in a flash, stop every now and then to just appreciate where you are, what is happening, and how happy you are right now.  

Wedding Planner: Grace at Bali Happy Events

Décor / Furniture: Bali Event Hire

Flowers: Sandat Floral

Hair and Makeup: Kat O’Hara at Dollface Darlings

Photography:  Donny of Axioo Bali

Videographer: Salmon Studio

Favours: We made these in Johannesburg South Africa by “I Do Creative Designs”. They also did our welcome packs for our guests which we had in each hotel room on arrival

Celebrant: Our Rabbi Levi Lipscar from Johannesburg South Africa

Catering: Toast Bali for drinks, The Kitchen House for food

Cake: Butter Bali

Stationery: Bali Happy Events

Invitations: Jamie Summers in South Africa

Entertainment: Bali FireDancers and Jimmy  Rougerie – DJ and Sax

Gift Registry: We didn’t have a gift registry as we did a destination wedding, instead we put this on our invite:

“The date has been set, we’d love you to come,
To celebrate our wedding, a long way for some,
All you must do is decide what to wear,
Then polish your jewelry and comb your hair,
Don’t worry about gifts, don’t buy us a yacht,
The things that we need, we’ve already got,
Your presence is the best gift of them all,
Fly away with us, and we’ll have a ball”

Wedding songs:

Wedding partyMode Ani by Tal Vaknin (a Jewish prayer of thanks that you say daily, this version is sung in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish)
Bride down the aisleBoi Kallah – Tal Vaknin (Hebrew song which means here comes the bride)
First dance She by Elvis Costello

Bridal Party Details:

Brides Dress: Howard Green Couture

Brides Shoes: Gucci

Bridesmaids Dress & Shoes: Bought in South Africa

Grooms Suit: Mavericks in South Africa

Grooms Shoes: White Doc Martens

Jewellery: I wore my moms diamond earrings – they doubled up as my something borrowed

The rings: Cartier Wedding Band, engagement ring by David Prissman. Jake chose a wedding watch – a Panerai – instead of a ring (there’s nothing traditional about us). And Jake wore a Rolex on the day of the wedding

Honeymoon: We called our wedding a “weddingmoon” because we spent a week after our wedding with our friends and family in Bali at the W Hotel. Thereafter the two of us travelled to Kuala Lumpur to shop for a week where we stayed at the Four Seasons.

Styling Inspiration: I knew I wanted an all-white wedding since forever. Jake threw a curveball when he said he wanted to wear pink, so I tried to bring pink elements subtly in to match him.

We tried to theme it fairytale because it felt like one. Our hashtag was #happilyeveraxelrod and we tried to make the décor soft and light with a bit of a modern edge.

Why Bali: My husband (so weird saying that) is a nutritionist who practices balance, and we live a very healthy lifestyle. I come from a family of party animals. So Bali, although we had never been, seemed to tick all the boxes for us. There was nightlife, health and fitness. We had also been dying to go there and this was just a perfect excuse.   

How did you stay organised: Again, this was all my mom. She runs a business and is the most organised person ever. We had a super active WhatsApp group. We only started planning two months before, so for two months we gave it 100% of our focus. Having a wedding planner there was a necessity, as there’s only so much you can do with language barriers and time differences. We also relied heavily on Instagram to see standards of all service providers and their previous work.

A huge congratulations to Alexa and Jake on their stunning Bali wedding! See more images from their dreamy day below.

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