7 Questions to ask when choosing your Bali Wedding Villa

7 Questions to ask when choosing your Bali Wedding Villa

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Choosing your Bali Wedding Villa can be one of the hardest decisions of your wedding planning journey. Where will you have the ceremony? Will you have it at the same location as the reception? Is that achievable?

If you are choosing your venue from another country it can become quite daunting. What if it doesn’t look like that when you get there? How do you know what’s included? Are you asking all of the right questions? Are you going to miss something?

Well today, I’m going to answer all of the questions you’ve been asking so you can feel more comfortable and confident about making your choice from another country. (Not everyone has the luxury of travelling to Bali prior to their wedding!) 

You see, the photos that we use are all current and rest assured, it still does look like that! All of the wedding details you need are in our wedding details PDF on each villa listing. And yes the pricing is on our listing too! 

I understand firsthand what it is like to try and choose your Bali Wedding Venue from another location so that’s why we’ve partnered with Bali’s best and most experienced villa company so that you have access to the best villas for your big day and your questions (if I can’t answer them) are only an enquiry form away.

So, what are the 7 questions you need to ask when choosing your Bali Wedding Villa?

1. How many bedrooms will we need?

This is a decision that needs to be made long before you look for your wedding venue, especially if you and your guests are going to sleep there. Are you going to stay with family or friends? Will the bridal party stay with you and can you accommodate partners, children, etc? This number can grow very quickly depending on how many people you are trying to accommodate.

If you need a large number be on the lookout for villas that have bunk rooms that can have multiple children in it if required. Sometimes media rooms can also be converted into a room so take note of the number it says for how many people can sleep there. On our listings we share how many bedrooms there are within the villa as well as how many people can sleep there so you can see if there are any sneaky extra spots!


Bali villa

Taman Ahimsa
Seseh-Tanah Lot
7 bedrooms | Sleeps 14


2. What facilities are included?

When booking through The Bali Bride and our Villa Partners you will experience the best customer service and facilities of Bali. 95% of our villas include a concierge 24/7, they are fully staffed with a villa manager, security, groundskeeper, housekeeping, a private chef and babysitters upon request plus a private pool and free wifi. 

Amongst our villa listings you will find some or all of the following facilities included; an on-site kitchen for external caterers, air-conditioning, movie projector, CD player, iPod dock, generator, safety deposit boxes, barbecue, transport and children’s facilities including a baby cot and high chair.

And looking at event specific options you might look at bar options (if they already have one on site), guest bathrooms so you don’t have to use the bathrooms within your villa and a dancefloor where you can use a pool deck or concrete already there.

Plus a lot of villas include a media room that can be converted into an additional bedroom or a space for an after-party depending on size and noise restrictions. (Make sure you ask!)

You would be pretty lucky to have a villa including all of the above but most of our villas have most of them. This should give you a pretty detailed list of what facilities you want and what you need to be asking for for your big day.


Bali Villa

Sungai Tinggi Beach Villa
6 bedrooms | Sleeps 12


3. Is there a kitchen on site for our catering needs?

When bringing a caterer into a villa on your wedding day they will need specific cooking and kitchen facilities so that they can produce your delicious food in a timely manner and large quantities for your big day. Some villas have these facilities on site and they encourage your caterer to use them so no additional resources need to be brought in. Other villas will ask you to supply your own area for your caterers to cook, or some caterers will decline as they like to use their own facilities. 


Bali Villa

Kaba Kaba Estate
8 bedrooms | sleeps 16



4. Do you have to pay for a generator or is there already one on site?

When using additional lighting on your wedding day, sometimes the villa electrical facilities aren’t powerful enough to manage your wedding lighting. This means that a generator is required to power them and anything else needed on your day. 

It also means that everything on your wedding day is powered by an external generator and not the villa power which means there is always a back up for some things if something goes wrong. Some villas also have an additional generator on the premises as they do so many events throughout the year which means that you don’t have to hire one.


Bali Villa

Villa The Beji
6 bedrooms | sleeps 16


5. What is the minimum night stay?

Throughout the year there are different booking periods you can stay. Depending on what time of year it is and whether or not you are staying in high/low season or holiday periods controls what the minimum night stay will be.

Usually, during low season the minimum night stay is one to a few nights, and high season the minimum night stay is higher. Holiday periods are usually higher again.

You can see all of the date ranges on our listings under the rates section.


Bali villa

Noku Beach House
6 bedrooms | Sleeps 14


6. Can we have additional events at the villa? 

You can request to have an additional event at your Bali Wedding Villa which may include a welcome party, dinner or recovery event. This will include an additional event fee once you reach a certain number of people at the villa so make sure you check what the limit is.

You should also budget for an additional banjar fee which is a fee paid to the community that gives you permission to have the event; for the noise and traffic you may cause whilst having your event at the villa.

Then all you need to think about is food, drinks & music!


Bali villa

Villa Hamsa
The Bukit
4 bedrooms | Sleeps 10


7. How many people can we have at our event?

This will depend on the size of your villa and the wet weather options. If there is a gazebo or undercover area you will be able to lock in a larger number much more easily. From Apr-Sept it rains on average 5-10 days per month but this is the best time to get married.

You can also see how many people are allowed at each villa whether you are having a seated or cocktail reception on each of our wedding villa listings. Simply click on the wedding information pdf and you will see a number for both options.


Bali Wedding Villa

Villa Soham
The Bukit
5 bedrooms | Sleeps 12


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