6 Tips for Planning your Best Bali Wedding 2.0 after Covid 19

6 Tips for Planning your Best Bali Wedding 2.0 after Covid 19


I think we can all agree that it has been a terribly frustrating and challenging year when it comes to planning a wedding, especially a destination wedding (due to limited international travel and the unknown). Not to mention the fear of a global pandemic. 

I have spoken to numerous couples over the past few months and haven’t been able to answer all of the questions as I usually would. (and this kills me!)  So I thought I’d reach out to one of our most experienced Bali Wedding Planners, Veronika from Bali VIP Wedding so that she could fill us in on her tips for how you can plan your best Bali Wedding version 2.0 during Covid-19.


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1. Find a supportive Bali wedding planner


Planning a wedding in time of a pandemic is no easy task, but getting the right wedding planner will help immensely. When you can’t do a site inspection in person, your wedding planner can arrange a virtual site tour for you, and when a food tasting or makeup trial is impossible, do not worry as they will provide you with the reputable options. 


A supportive wedding planner will also give you flexibility in terms of bookings. They will liaise with each vendor to place a tentative booking, pushing back the deadline of your payment, or negotiating a smaller deposit to lock in your wedding date. Should you have to push back your wedding date due to the coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions, they will also give their maximum effort to reschedule and support you in organizing your wedding for the new date.


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2. Select  Bali venues and vendors that apply an extensive health and safety procedure


Talk to your wedding planner and get to know your venue and vendors’ health and safety protocol. As a renowned destination for international weddings, the majority of Bali wedding venues maintain high quality service and especially whilst battling the virus spread, pay a great deal of attention to health and safety procedures. 


Your villa or hotel will be disinfected regularly, so do all tables, chairs, dance floor and other props before the event starts. Your wedding planner will prepare hand sanitizers and arrange temperature checking, making sure you will be able to fully enjoy your special day whilst still keeping safety as a priority.


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3. Postpone, don’t cancel

Take a deep breath. If your planned wedding coincides with a quarantine period, consider postponing instead of cancelling. We understand that this is a stressful situation, none that we’ve ever experienced before, but know that all these struggles are temporary. When the time is right, borders will be opened again. We will be able to celebrate again and it will be worth the wait. 


Press the pause button. Your wedding planner will sort out the bookings with venues and vendors, and as soon as the new date is determined, you can resume the planning of your dream wedding. Not all couples will get to say their love survives a pandemic, but you will. 


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4. Consider a smaller, more intimate Bali affair


If you’re worried yet prefer not to delay your wedding for too long, having a smaller wedding might be worth consideration. Smaller number of guests is easier to manage and will afford you the chance to really connect with each guest. Create a guest list that includes your family and closest friends. An intimate wedding can equal to true quality time, so despite the smaller affair, we assure you that it won’t be any less special.


Whittling down your guest list might be heartbreaking, but in these days of limited social gatherings, we are sure they will understand. Throw a zoom or hangout party with those who couldn’t come to your wedding to let them know that they matter. A follow up reception (or first anniversary party!) in the next year to include everyone is also a wonderful idea that you might want to think about?


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5. Make adjustments creatively


After managing your guest list, take a look at your floor plans and see how it can be adjusted in line with covid-19 health and safety protocol. Consider having set menus or pre-packed meals. If you prefer having a buffet, talk to your wedding planner to arrange for the guests to queue up alternately to avoid forming crowds. 


Masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and soaps are also on track to become the new trendy wedding favours. We can easily arrange them in pretty packaging along with your thank you note, making them not only cute but also thoughtful and practical souvenirs. 


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6. Get Bali Wedding Insurance


Wedding insurance will protect you from losses in certain situations, including the unforeseen events caused by damage or injury at a wedding, extreme weather, problems with the venue or vendors and certain circumstances that may prevent your wedding from occurring. Discuss with your wedding planner a few different possible scenarios (e.g Indonesian government prohibits large events, the bride or groom becoming ill with Covid-19, not being able to hold the event because friends and family are afraid of attending or your home country bans travel, etc.) and contact your local insurers to find out what do they cover and how they could help you in facing the COVID-19 situation.


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So get started with these amazing tips from Veronika at Bali VIP Wedding. And if you have any questions you can contact Veronika via our directory HERE or you know we are always here to support you every step of the way!


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