5 Hair & Makeup Tips for your Bali Wedding Day

5 Hair & Makeup Tips for your Bali Wedding Day

So you want to look your best on your Bali Wedding day? Of course you do! And we’ve got all of the insider tips to get you there….

We recently caught up with the Bali hair and makeup queen, Lexie, the talented woman behind Trove Artistry in Bali to talk all about her top hair and makeup tips for your Bali wedding day. We’re talking about skin routines, what colour you should wear to your trial and when you should colour your hair for your big day.

She may have just opened the newest salon/day spa in Bali but she is no stranger to the beauty scene starting her career on the Gold Coast, Australia as a freelance artist many years ago and also working in Bali at another well known Spa prior to this. Knowing her beautiful n stunning work we were excited to reach out to Lexie and hear her hair and makeup tips.

When we asked Lexie why she loved to focus her business on brides she happily shared the following, “There’s something special about making someone feel beautiful, but there’s nothing more special than making someone feel beautiful on one of the most important days in their life. Getting to experience the excitement with every bride is the reason I love it.” See Lexie’s top tips below.

Makeup tips

1. Flawless Skin = flawless makeup

Skin is the most important base for any makeup. If you are having problems with
your skin it’s important you start any new skincare routine or skin treatments at
least 3 months before the big day to ensure no last minute reactions or issues occur.
A personal favourite recommendation of mine is skin needling (micro needling). This
helps with overall skin texture including acne scars & pore size, fine lines, and

2. Choose your lipstick colour prior to your big day

It is important to know what lipstick you will be wearing on the day. Are you
someone who loves their lipstick and is happy to touch up during the day? Are you
opting for something a little more natural that will evenly fade throughout the
night? I recommend getting your own lipstick colour that you love and bringing it
with you on the day. This will mean you will have the colour all night and be able to
reapply and be ready for every photo op! Pro tip: Pick a satin finish lipstick. It will
give enough shine in photos but last longer than a gloss!

3. Trial/ Wear white

Many brides ask is a trial important? My answer is 100%, yes! A trial is the perfect
time to make any decisions so the big day runs smoothly. It is the perfect time to
talk to your artist and make sure you’re on the same page with the look you’re
wanting. The meaning of a smokey eye to one person can be completely different to
another. It’s also the time to trial lashes and ensures you’re comfortable with wearing
them for a prolonged period of time and discuss your bridesmaid’s makeup colour
palette. Its also always a great idea to wear white to your trial!

Hair tips

4. Colour your hair 2 weeks before your wedding day
To avoid any hair colouring mishaps book your colour in for two weeks prior. This is
enough time to ensure the colour is still looking nice and fresh but also enough time
if anything were to go wrong to change it! Pro tip: Book in an extra hair treatment or mask a
week before to ensure your hair is beautiful and glossy for the day!

5. Trial: Bring your veil, hair accessories, extensions and padding
Brides will often come to their trials and explain the veil or hair accessories for the
day. If you can – bring it! Anything you intend to use on the day including veils, hair
accessories, extensions, hair padding etc. Even if you are unsure we can play around
and work out what works best. It will make sure we are able to best create your one
of a kind wedding day look!

Amazing tips Lexie thank you! To get in touch with Queen Lexie and her team contact Trove Artistry!

See their amazing work below!

Hair & Makeup – Trove Artistry
Dress Designer – Hera Couture
Jewellery – Esme Louise
Florals – Sandat Floral
Photographer – Haute Weddings

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