For years… I was a stand alone wedding filmmaker. It was the moment when I expressed my ideas and talent I then realise that sometimes, important and beautiful moments unfold at the same time but in different locations on your wedding day.

My desire to capture those vivid moments became limited. No matter how hard I tried I was only one person.

Sharing this thought, I decided to stand together with a talented team. We have never felt more confident than ever, we realised that personal talents might win the game but teamwork would win the championship!

Our brand called MAERAKEE.

Taken from a Greek word “meraki” which means….”To do something with your soul

This word just perfectly matched our idea and brought it to life!

A few things that you need to know from us. We are a big fan of light and shadows. We love people that express their feelings and are honest, allow us to see the connection and the quality of their relationship. Filmmaking is our passion that connects the three of us, we love people that trust us and allow us to do our job, create passion in our way.

Let’s start the beautiful Journey!

Amone & Stefan // The Seminyak Villa Bali

Anggi & Nicky // Alami Boutique Villas Bali

Brianna & Keyan // Villa The Sanctuary Bali

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